The Life of Julia

If you want to understand how Obama and the Democrats view America, a preview of their slideshow, The Life of Julia, on the Obama-Biden website provides the answer. Little Julia begins her story as a three year old enrolled in Head Start and of course the evil dog hating Romney and his henchman Paul Ryan will cut poor Julia's head start education, which will prepare Julia for kindergarten and life itself. (Of course, the good news is that Julia's parents did not abort Julia, but then no one ever really sees Julia's parents.)

While Romney will enact tax cuts for his fellow millionaires, Obama's great educational plan prepares our Julia for college, and then Julia takes advantage of tons of tax credits and wonderful low interest rate college loans to continue her education. Because Obamacare will allow her parents to keep her on their insurance until 26, Julia can take her time finishing college and not worry too much about working. Of course, Julia will have free birth control pills, so she won’t have to worry about getting pregnant while taking her time finishing college and later when she begins her first job. When Julia gets a job, she will be paid equal pay because we all know Republicans have declared war on women, and Obama will make sure that she is paid what she is worth and little more.

Throughout Julia's life, government helps our sweet lady, providing her with small business loans or wonderful health care, and at the end of her life, she is covered by social security and Medicare in which evil Republicans will destroy if they obtain total power. What can one conclude about Obamanomics and Obama's economic philosophy? Simple, Julia is helpless to take care of herself so government must. Here is what you don’t see: parents, husband, or even a significant other. Julia decides to have a child, but where is the father? Julia really doesn’t need a man since government is her parent and spouse. It is the progressive dream with all rights granted by government, but the problem with this scenario is that government not only grants rights, but the condition that those rights are exercised. As one pundit quipped, maybe the reason we don’t see Julia beyond the age 67, she was a victim of Obamacare death panels. Within the quip lies a truth, seniors will see the government ration their health care and that IPAB will act as a defacto death panel as it will determine who gets what treatment.

Julia can only be an entrepreneur with government aid, and at the heart of Obamanomics, government creates wealth and the private sector is but an appendage of government policies. Government needs to direct private investment. Contrary to actual American ideas that government should be limited in both scope of it can do and what It should do, Obamanomics sees no true limit of government.

And just to make sure one does not forget the Republicans' war on women, the slides conclude, “From cracking down on gender discrimination in health care to fighting for equal pay, President Obama is standing up for women throughout their lives.” The simplicity of the message is Obama will take care of you and underneath the surface is the message, women don’t need men for government will take care of their needs. It is the perfect description of the Obama dependency state in which our desires will be taken care of from the time we are born to the time we die.


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