Losing a War or Two

When History is finally written about the Obama Administration, it may record how a President managed to lose two wars after inheriting one winning war and a strategy to win the other. Obama has one accomplishment, killing Osama Bin Laden, but that will be forgotten as American soldiers pull out amidst two countries in crisis and sacrifices made wasted with inept diplomacy abroad and a failure of the Obama Administration to make a case for his foreign policy at home. Obama never spent any of his political capital to defend his Afghanistan policy, and the American people have now abandoned their own support for a war that even President has given up on.

Wasn’t it not that long ago that Obama and other Democrats called Afghanistan the good war while Iraq was the diversion? Don Suber summed up the Obama dilemma, “As president, he has dumped the gains paid by the sacrifices of American soldiers in Iraq, while screwing up in Afghanistan. Man did he screw up. The Taliban was bottled up. His let the genie out of the bottle. The last two years have seen a rollback on allied gains in that nation. Most recently, he did more harm than good by apologizing for the destruction of Korans, which had been desecrated by Muslim inmates….Now he has a real situation — 16 civilians slaughtered by an Army sergeant — and he has used up all his apologies.”

Obama essentially adapted the Bush plan, but it took him nearly nine months before deciding and then stated we are going to do a surge and then leave. This merely gave the Taliban knowledge that the endgame was near, and it was simply a waiting game. For many soldiers, they don’t want to be the last man to die in a war that their Commander-in-chief has given up. Whether it was Iraq, Afghanistan, or his dealing with Iran, as well as his occasional dust up with Israel, we are weaker today than four years ago.


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