Marxists/Socialists Protest Harris County Republican Party- We must be doing something right!

You know you must be doing something right when the marxist/socialist groups of Houston can only manage 16 people to a protest outside of the Harris County Republican Party building on a Saturday morning in March. Self-proclaimed Marxist and College of the Mainland professor, David Michael Smith sounded the alarm with an email blast to all his socialist and Marxist friends in a call to arms to rid the world of Conservatives and Republicans.

In a message posted on Nuevaraza (aka The New Race), A rally will be held against Republicans at the Harris County Republican Party Headquarters. "We'll be protesting against the Texas GOP Legislature's assault on our workers, women, immigrants, education, health care and social services."  The event was organized by the Latin American Organization for Immigration Rights, Progressive Workers Organizing Committee, Marxist Reading Group, Mexicanos en Accion, and International Socialist Organization.  They said you can call them at 832-692-2306 or 832-282-6997 for information... or to express your opinion.

Let's see... That's five groups organizing the "protest" and 16 people show up?  I guess they are not all that upset by the plans of the Texas Legislature and the Republican Party.

My favorite shot of the day had to be this one where Professor Smith had to walk halfway across the street to take a picture of me taking a picture of them.  He is such a funny guy.  Note his buddy Juan "You're a Racist" Alvarez in the backgroud with his sign demanding the end to "ethnic cleansing". Juan calls everyone who is not Hispanic a racist and was captured on tape saying "We are at war!  We are fighting for America, and we have to kill all the Ni@@@rs!" while a black Houston City Council candidate was speaking at a rally in 2009. I guess his sign is a note to himself not to carry out his previous threat.

The finally cranked up the 'ole PA system and started their cute chants including leftist's favorites like "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Voter ID has got to go" and "They say Cut Back, We say Fight Back", "Not the Party, Not the State, Women must decide their fate" and the all time leftist favorite "Cut Corporate Welfare, Not Medicade".  Later they chanted, "This is what democracy looks like".  Thankfully, that was just another of their lies.

All an all, it was one of the lamest excuses I have seen for a protest rally in quite some time.  But fear not... March 15th at 4 pm, they will be back on the steps of Houston City Hall for "Texans Day of Outrage". Maybe they'll be up to 25 protesters by then... I can't wait!   How about you?


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