Massachusetts Senate Race, Quico Canseco's 23rd District Congressional Campaign...Home From OZ?

The Massachusetts Senate race is huge and immediately demanding of our attention. Here’s why:

Honestly, even after the latest reports of polls showing Scott Brown actually LEADING IN Massachusetts, and this morning hearing perhaps America’s most scrupulous analyst of political struggles, Michael Barone, say that looking at the trend and the polls, he would predict a Brown win, I just can’t bring myself to be optimistic about it. The Massachusetts Democratic machine is political hardball central (no, that was Chicago). Not only has Obama belatedly agreed to a last-minute “if he can’t do it, who can?” visit, they will flood Massachusetts will Soros-type funding and union strongarming, and bus every possible Democratic voter to the polls. There will be multiple votes, votes from the infirm, the comatose, the dead, and even from dogs and cats. And if there appears to be a Brown win inside a few points, there will be legal challenges galore. Bring all the great polls and Barone-type experts you want who think it possible, I won’t rest until Brown is sworn in, the vote is held, and Obamacare is dead and cold.

That’s how big this thing is. This health care bill is the most grotesque, monstrous (not exactly redundant) distortion of The United States Constitution to be proposed in my lifetime. And, that puts it at the head of a very long and socially celebrated queue. If Scott Brown is elected and in place before there is a vote on it, a large stake will be driven through that vampire’s heart. It may well be even if he is not quickly seated and there are recounts and/or legal challenges. In fact, it may kill it even if Brown loses but comes close. Only a few Democrats would need to be frightened off by the public’s action; only one in The Senate actually, where there is already wavering.

Quico Canseco has mobilized his campaign in South Texas for calls into Massachusetts. That sort of thing is happening all over the country. It also shows that Canseco is a bright bulb in South TX who knows what America’s critical values and struggles are. My heart is afraid to hope about Massachusetts, but if Scott Brown can win, or even if we can staunch this health care monstrosity, I might see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. It would be interesting to tune in to MSNBC at 5pm that evening, just to see if Ed Schultz’s head actually splits right open. It still would be a long, hard slog to exit the 2009-made mess, and it would call for an uncommon exercise of American character that has been long missing, to surmount the problems that have already been created. We still wouldn’t be back in Kansas. But we would have brought back the witch’s broom.


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We watched in horror as the democrats stole two elections for Washington governor from the republicans through voter fraud and ridiculous lawsuits. (Recounts, pulling ballots from back rooms, until they found 132 more democrat votes and then appealed to the liberal supreme court.) The scene was replayed in Minnesota over the Franken seat. Brown's only hope is a landslide - indisputable - win. Since that is unlikely according to the polls, I share your skepticism about the outcome. The media giving the left a free ride makes it all the more unpalatable. Oh that I could vote in MA!!!!

Eeyores like you are why Republicans lose.  Who would want to jump in and help after this? 

I am for Coakley. I am a Mass Dem. It looks like your boy Brown is pulling it off.  I think you guys should focus on Texas. Send some more "patriots" like Tom Delay and GW to washington. They were great.


Brown’s not our boy, he is YOUR boy! Congratulations!

BTW, if you are suggesting that we could have ANOTHER House MAJORITY leader and two-term POTUS from Texas, we will definitely take that! Texas has a lot of leadership to offer.

Go Scott Brown! Make sure you get out and vote for Martha TOMORROW!

Andy Adams

PS, if Scott Brown wins, I will be sure to come visit Boston in 2010. Love that town! Seeing the Red Sox play in Fenway on the Fourth of July is an experience I will not soon forget.

I think Texas should do the US a favor and secede. Ya'll can take yer' leadership with ya'll.

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