Michele Bachmann Opens CPAC 2011 with Inspirational Speech

Today is the first day of the Conservative Political Action Conference being held in Washington, DC February 10-12th.

Chairman of the American Conservative Union David Keene opens up the conference by saying, "This year, we're going to focus on people who are trying to change the world."

"Our keynote speaker once said, 'you really need to stay on top of these people' - once you are voted, you can feel yourself getting pulled away. But don't get seduced, remember what brought you here and do the job you said you were going to do in office. Michele Bachmann has never given in to those forces."

Congressman Michele Bachmann (MN-6) comes to the podium and makes a jab at SNL as she says "Oh yeah, someone told me I have to find the right camera!":

"You've already changed America for the better, just changing control of the house was a huge down payment for the future of America. So many of you got off the couch in this last election and decided you were not going to take it anymore!"

She continues on to say because of what you did, you have been part of the down payment to bring back liberty, helping win back 87 seats in the house of representatives. You helped pry that gavel out of [former] speaker Pelosi's hands. Not only did she give up that luxurious private jet (and Boehner is flying commercial now), but she also gave up that national credit card that has no spending limit!

Now we have 29 Republican governors, 20 Democrat, and one independent. We flipped 680 seats in state legislatures. This is a record!

Michele Bachmann says she is going to throw a party for all CPAC attendees and that the bar tab was on her! She jokes that with 11,000 attendees, she's going to have to limit everyone to one drink!

She explains that when the liberals took over the House, we were 8 trillion dollars in debt.. But during the next four years, the liberals drove it up another 6 trillion dollars! It took 236 years for the government to get up to 8 trillion dollars, and in only 4 years, the liberals raised it by a whopping 75%.


If President Obama wins another 4 year term, we will be at 21 trillion dollars in debt! Who isn't worried? The China bankers! "The President of China's name is Hu. With all this debt, we might as well be saying 'Hus your daddy?'"

Obamacare is legislation that has potential to diminish our life and make life or death decisions for us.

Obama's legislation attacks our incentives to drive growth and it diminishes our sense of personal responsibly.

Under this regime that Obama put in place, it is a formula for destroying jobs and for creating dependency. We are witnessing unemployment. We have a real life example of where socialism is taking us: Greece. Why are they rioting? Because their retirement age is going from 62 to 63. What about Spain, with the highest unemployment in Europe? Obama told us we need to be more like Spain, with wind generation. Well I don't want to be at 22% unemployment!

Not only is Obama's tax and spending agenda taking most of what you and your parents have created, but it is taking the future labors of a generation that hasn't been born. None of the previous generations has left a subsequent generation so tied up in debt that their sustanance was spoken for before they came into the world...

It's not compassion, it's selfishness.

It's not about building a welfare state. It should be about building well-being.

I have a few suggestions:

  1. The president can stop the EPA from building a cap-and-trade system that is killing jobs in this country
  2. Support a balanced budget ammendment going forward
  3. Agree to energy policy that provides energy in this country - we are sitting on a goldmine here in the U.S. but it's illegal to access!
  4. Get rid of over 132 regulations that cost over $100M per year
  5. Get rid of Obamacare and put in some basic reforms, like law suit reform and free market competition

We have threats to the moral grounding of our country and to its security. As important as these economic concerns are, we have to remember that it will take all of us to

  • fiscal conservatism
  • national security
  • social values

With rise of tea party, some would have you believe that the rising conservatism stands only for fiscal conservatism and reducing the debt. But it's more than that.

I'm calling on all of you to support these three points that are necessary to win.

If we don't take back the white house and win the triple crown in 2012, we may lose the chance for repealing Obamacare. It's like they say in New Hampshire, live free or die!


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