Tea, Anyone?

The Texas Patriots PAC extends our heartiest congratulations to each of the candidates we supported during this Primary campaign!

We determined that it was not enough to fight the good fight and lose: we chose to fight the good fight and win.

Our Board spent countless hours identifying the people to support. Then our volunteers stepped up and worked tirelessly to provide our community with clear, correct and true information, and to encourage everyone to exercise their precious right to vote.

The overwhelmingly positive election results speak for themselves.

We will now pay close attention while these people serve, and hold them accountable for their decisions and votes. We are certain they will make us proud.

The residents of Montgomery County are what make it such a great place. This election sends a clear message that they choose leaders with truly Conservative values and principles. Our mission is to educate and inform citizens regarding public policy, and to support candidates who are electable and who will champion our Constitutional core values while in office. We are proud to continue to support our candidates facing a runoff election on July 31st.


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