MSNBC Attacks Black Texas Republican, Apostle Claver, for Calling Democrats “Racist” and “Party of the KKK”

Black Conservative Republican Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, founder of, is not afraid to tell the black community that the Republicans are the good guys and the Democrats are the bad guys. He has been known for doing things like posting billboards that read, “Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican” and “G.O.P. is the New Black.”

He travels the nation going into black communities asking black people what their values are. He surprises these black people when he shows them that their values actually line up with the conservative values of the Republican Party and not the Democrat Party.

Apostle Claver Calls Democrats Racist and Party of KKK at Houston Tea Party Rally

Apostle Claver spoke at a Houston Tea Party event on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011. Below are some of the comments that Claver Made, according to the Daily Caller.

Claver explained to The Daily Caller that his charges originate not only from the Democratic Party’s history, but also from its policy preferences to date — specifically on abortion and welfare.

“If anybody is racist it is the Democratic Party. They’re the racists, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, the party of Jim Crow, the party of Bull Conner, the party of segregation. They are the racists, not us. We’re their friends, we’re the emancipators, we’re the liberators, we’re the ones who believe in freedom.”

“Today in America, on this Thursday, 1,800 African Americans are going to be aborted in the womb. Today!” Claver told TheDC. “Since Roe vs Wade in 1973 it is estimated that 20 million African American babies have been aborted. And going forward into the next quarter century, African Americans will be the only demographic of color that will not increase as a percentage of the overall American population."

“This is due to what I would call the genocide — I say that without hesitation — of African American babies.”

According to the Daily Caller, Claver says the biggest advocates for abortion are members of the Democratic Party, including members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Although Indiana Democratic Rep. Andre Carson has accused the Tea Party of wanting African Americans lynched, he said, it is the Democratic Party that actually endorses “killing black people.”

“Let’s talk about the programs of the Great Society, which the Democratic Party champions to this day. Well, they have done nothing but decimate the African American community and the black family.”

“Since the imposition of the Great Society, what have we seen? We’ve seen an absolute rise in African American crime. We’ve seen the breakdown of the African American family. We’ve seen three-quarters of African American children being born out of wedlock, which is the number one linkage to poverty in America today: single parenthood, single mothers.”

Claver added that Great Society programs have put a drain on the economy, disproportionately hurting African Americans.

MSNBC Protects Democrats and Attacks Apostle Claver with One-Sided Reporting

Call and Email MSNBC and tell them to be “fair and balanced” and interview Apostle Claver instead of just allowing the liberals on their show to bash him even though they have never talked to him or asked him for an interview

The following is an email that I received from Raging Elephants and Apostle Claver. This email explains what is going on and how you can help:

From Apostle Claver:

Isn't it funny how The Left's media goons pick and choose how and when they decide to attack the Patriots? As many of you know, Tamron Hall, Martin Bashir and Chris Matthews of MSDNC (oh, excuse me, MSNBC), decided to take a one-sided view of my comments at the Clear Party Tea Party event on this past Tuesday. Within my speech, I leveled my familiar charges that the Democratic Party is the party of racism. MSDNC didn't take very kindly to that.

However, the "lame-stream" journalist of MSDNC, have not made a single attempt to contact ME to get my views of the indictment. Instead, they have turned to their predictable cast of socialist characters to give their spin on my comments. Even, TODAY, Bashir addressed my speech once again!

It's been a full 48 hours since they brought my speech to the attention of their viewers, and they have not submitted an invitation to to appear on the network. Don't you think it's time to INSIST that these propagandist allow their target to have a say on their shows? Don't you agree that it's time for "The Herd" to show how powerful we really are?

Here's our plan of action: STAMPEDE! MSDNC.

Below is the contact info for each of the anchors on MSDNC that have made an issue of my Tea Party speech. You have the "green light" to begin logging on to Facebook, Twitter, and their professional email to DEMAND that an opportunity be offered to me and to answer their attacks.

Martin Bashir

Tamron Hall
[email protected]

Chris Matthews
[email protected]

Put on the pressure until they relent. Let's see how long it takes.


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