My Thoughts Regarding Recent Comments on Abortion and Immigration

In a comment on Lauro Garza's most recent blog post about how the Democrats seized upon the Pro-Life rhetoric in an effort to redefine the term for their own advantage and to the GOP's detriment, it says

...the law of the land allows a woman the choice to decide what is right for her. It is not my position to condone abortion because I do not, however, until the law is changed, that is how it has to be. The [Republican Party] should ease off this position, it is too galvanizing and unproductive to the larger tent.

The comment also talks about the need for the Republican Party to take a position and get folks to promote it. Now wouldn't the Democrats would just love that! A suggestion like this clearly indicates why so many people have "no clue" why legal Hispanics moved from Bush in '04 to Obama in '08!

This comment also brings light to the common perception the public has in that all illegal immigrants should be deported. Many people look past the number of jobs being performed by illegal workers. Who is pouring the concrete, roofing the buildings, sheet rocking, excavating, landscaping, cooking, serving tables, cleaning hotel rooms, etc? A recent study by the CATO Institute, found that U.S. citizens' average incomes have increased the most in areas where the highest number of illegal immigrant workers are employed? This is not to say that being here illegally is okay, but we must think before making such rash decisions. Furthermore, more American citizens are retiring every year than are entering the work force.

Regarding the statement that Republicans should let up on abortion, is that an argument you want of someone representing the Republican Party? Since Roe vs. Wade, America has "slaughtered" more than fifty million of what could have been American born workers, because "it is the law."

It is my hope and prayer that the Republican Party stay focused on ending the slaughter of the unborn children! It is also my prayer that people will become more informed and embrace a sensible immigration policy.

May God forgive us our trespasses!


While I might have been off point to Mr. Garza's post and opened up a complex issue at least give the complete context and don’t marginalize me, I am on your side. We may disagree on some issues but for heaven’s sake, you are throwing me under the bus for having an opinion. I guess if I’m not lock step in stride with your one or two issue thinking then you call an abandon ship drill. That seems a bit shallow  to me.

I said:

“The Republican Party just needs to get better at explaining why it takes a position and get folks like you and I up front to pitch the pros and cons of taking a stance and send us out to introduce it and promote it.” <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Where is the harm in that statement? You made it sounds as though “I” should be the messenger. I did not say that sir!

I do not see a great deal of effective communication coming out of the party to the masses, much less to the Hispanic vote. My premise is that instead of the usual party heads promoting the platform, to employ like people to spread the message of the party, to those who are skeptical of the Party it might come across better.

When I recently asked our local party officials, who sends out news releases to the Spanish language media? …the answer was not a good one. If we are to win the minds to the growing Hispanic population, should we be thinking ahead of the curve? If you understood the conversations taking place on Spanish radio going on with no reply from the party you would be appalled, it goes completely unchecked. Approaching this problem from all sides, we can set ourselves up for loyal followers to a great party. In my opinion, much of the party rhetoric is lip service to the Hispanic population. I know better but I am only one person.

As to the “NO Clue” charge – I can tell you why they left. We did not have a clear message or a good candidate. You see, we never really had them to begin with. George W. Bush had credibility with Hispanics, John McCain did not…that is why they left. I have been an active Republican since the mid 80’s, only twice has my Presidential candidate been elected (GWB 2000 & 2004) that includes this last election.

You also overstated my comment:

“The short of it is this; the law of the land allows a woman the choice to decide what is right for her. It is not my position to condone abortion because I do not, however, until the law is changed, that is how it has to be. The RP should ease off this position, it is to galvanizing and unproductive to the larger tent.”

To clarify, I believe a woman’s right to choose is established law and “I” have no right to take that away from a woman under the current Federal law. It should be a state issue, let the locals decide, but we are not there today. Is it a galvanizing issue? Yes! Nevertheless, I believe it is unproductive to the bigger picture. That said most Hispanics are against abortion, like myself.

Finally, yes I have no problem following the existing laws and deporting illegals if they have not complied with our laws. Even in the Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy website, you referred to states:

"Such a policy would:

·         Secure the border

·         Create a legal status by which the current immigrant workforce could work here legally that does not grant citizenship

·         Identify the immigrant workers and properly tax those workers and their employers, eliminating the current "underground" cash-only employment

·         Develop a viable and efficient visa work program that allows for a timely and reasonable flow of immigrant workers to meet future employment needs


My first statement was:

“Several years ago, Congress passed the border fence issue; we still have not completed that. Why? We should build the fence and seal our borders now. “ 

Perhaps I did not write it the way you have it written here, I rather jumped quickly to the end. What do you propose happen if we cannot get this “sensible” immigration to work? Talking about any more is not working either…the system is broken.

Thank you for reading my commentary.


a man named - Sam Herrera - who is also a 5th generation (Texican) American of Mexican decent and US Navy Veteran who also speaks English & Spanish too.


Since, I started this, I feel it is best I take up the matter.  I regret that you may feel slighted or offended by my or Mr. Adams remarks but it was meant professionally and not personally.  Secondly, I appreciate your expressions of your sentiments in these important matters and can respect them but what remains important is whether or not you realize that you advocate for the liberatarian view?  Do you also recognize that only on the surface is the Libertarian view compatible with the Republican platform? 

Lastly, while it may have been true that Sen. McCain may have appeared "lackluster" as you put it, that is NOT why Latinos left the party.  They left because of the injurious rhetoric fomented by these very same libertarian minded infiltrators who you advocated for in your earlier post.  Furthermore, it has been suggested by those same people that we lost the last election because neither Bush nor McCain were sufficiently conservative.  NON-SENSE!  McCain won the nomination handily BECAUSE he did not support the misguided anti-immigration rhetoric.   It is because of his record and the dynamic presence of Palin that the GOP did as well as they did when crippled by the polarizing anti-immgration rhetoric forced upon the GOP by the infiltrators.  That's what my article was about and now I point out that not only have been mislead but we have lost sight of our main foundation: Pro-Life.  Now, the Democrats seek to seize that and redefine it for themselves and to our detriment!  

Those in the GOP who say we are too soft, not conservative enough and tout harsher immigration laws also now tout cutting out the free trade ageements and proposing the GOP abandon the Pro-Life message.  That's not's Libertarianism and its not good for the GOP.   

Mr Adams, It's a little unfair to call me out and use my name in your blog post and then not even respond to me directly.

You don't realize how much we have in common before you went off on me.
It's unappreciated.

I hope you find the time to reconsider and perhaps retract you earlier posting marginalizing me personally without looking deeper at the content of my points. Rush calls this "Drive-By Media", at least in tactic, that is what you did sir.
Respectfully submitted,

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