Nathan Macias Regarding the Texas Speaker’s Race

For those of you who don't know, Nathan Macias is my Dad. He served as a State Representative from 2006-2008. He was freshman of the year during the 2007 session for the Republican freshman class and received nothing but "A" ratings throughout the session from every conservative group in Texas. He's a statesman, not a politician, and is willing to stand up for the right thing regardless of political ramifications. He wrote a letter to the constituents of HD 73 two years ago when Speaker Straus ran the first time and this week sent out a letter again pointing out what's at stake in this election. His letter follows:

Friends and Fellow Texans:

With the next session of our State Legislature getting ready to convene on Jan 11, 2011, there is something I am compelled to share with you about the importance of who holds the gavel as the Speaker of the House. Many of you received my email two years ago where I made the point that Joe Straus is not truly conservative and would not be best for Texas. Despite the efforts of conservatives, 11 moderates and 65 Democrats basically elected him as Speaker.

He went on to preside over one of the most ineffective sessions in recent history, allowing the Democrats to rule the roost through key powerful committee appointments and controlling floor debate with childish parliamentary antics. All major conservative legislation was killed in committee, for example voter ID, pro-life legislation, taxpayer protection, etc. Please don't be fooled by the liberal media or the Straus camp on this issue.

Politics can breed pride and power, and the current speaker, like many career politicians, is an opportunist who enjoys power. This is not an indictment, but a personal observation.

This is why I look at the men who are running for the Speaker's position and look for the one person who would be best for Texas and specifically Texas conservatives. I truly believe the one person least conservative or qualified to lead the House through the upcoming session is Joe Straus. I believe Ken Paxton is the core conservative and possesses the experience and skills to lead the House.

With a super majority of 101 Republicans now controlling the TX House, I strongly believe the 101 Republicans should caucus, and without fear of retribution or retaliation freely determine the best person to lead the House majority through this session.

As your former State Representative, I know first-hand the influence of the Speaker on the policy and laws that ultimately impact we the citizens of Texas, and I would wholeheartedly ask you to contact your current State Rep and let them know that you truly want Ken Paxton to be the next Speaker of the TX House.

I know that some might think I should not take the risk of sending this out and possibly be on the "losing" side of this issue. To this I say, I care more about the people of this great state than I do about my own political welfare. I strongly urge you to take a stand for what is best for Texas. Deliver a mandate for a conservative Speaker of the Texas House.

For the Sake of Texas,

Nathan Macias


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James McKinley of the New York Times stated the control of Obama reached Texas via the rebellion of the eleven republicans who made the deal with the Obama democrats.Obama did not carry Texas but the democrats speaker deal made Obama Democrats the winners.McCall,Jones,Merritt,Straus and others led the coup against who voted against the ban on homosexuals and lesbians serving as foster parents and for late-term abortions.The Edge is reporting that the Ally of the LGBT community is better than Paxton,Chisum,Berman and especially anti-gay rights Craddick.Edge indicts Paxton and Chisum for one man to one woman marriage. the Dallas Voice endorsed Straus along with State Rep.Senfronia Thompson of straus-lgbt-ALLY.In the Edge article the LGBT community wants an end to Texas right to hire and fire and no discrimination against sexual orientation.Safer schools for LGBT youth,hospital visitation priviledges,and medical decision authority is their posted agenda.To get them several named reps in the deal get chairmanships and control of committees.Equality Texas supports Straus in return for committee chairmanships.Pledgegate as revealed by State Rep.Leo Berman of Smith County may get the DA of TRavis County to investigate and convene a grand jury for the felony of Legislative Bribery Texas Government Code 302,302.If Delay can be convicted then Straus and coconspirators can also.Texas right to hire is in jeopardy.Foster children deserve stable home environments.Will Obama continue to control Texas through pledge deals for campaign contributions ,some of which that money came from the LGBT community via Straus and pacs to 24 of the new republicans.As an elected delegate for Ronald Reagan to the state convention in Dallas in 1984,Joe Straus is no Ronald Reagan.Respectfully;John McIntyre

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