Cornyn: Challenge is Not the Debt Ceiling – It’s the Debt

Today, I spoke on the Senate floor in support of the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act and to address the continued failure of Democrats to propose a plan to address our debt crisis.

For those colleagues who are critical of this proposal, my question for them is, where is your plan? Where’s your plan?

Just to criticize what responsible Members of Congress are trying to propose as a solution to a problem when you have no plan of your own is irresponsible in my opinion.

The President finally got engaged a few weeks ago, but the problem we still have is we don’t know the detail of what the President’s proposed solution to the plan is. He will not say publicly, in detail, what his plan is.

And unfortunately…all of the negotiations so far, that apparently are still continuing, are behind closed doors. Behind closed doors.

And if there were a grand bargain to be had, I’m confident what would happen is it would be rolled out here on the floor of the Senate or in the House at the last minute, without adequate time to review it or to debate it, or for the American people to read it and see how it affects them to give us feedback.

We are representatives of a constituency, and the 25 million people I represent in Texas would like to have a chance to read it, and then to tell me what they think about it.

I want to remind my colleagues of the challenge before us, and it is not the debt ceiling – it is the debt. And those who think that it’s not real, I think are just whistling past our fiscal graveyard.

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