Might These Be Scare Tactics?

Obama warns that Social Security payments might not go out if the budget and debt-ceiling impasse is not resolved. I am no supporter of scams funded by expropriation, but if Social Security payments are not made, it will not be because Obama’s hands were tied. No matter what happens, there is plenty of money to make these payments.

President Obama told CBS News today that he "cannot guarantee that those [Social Security] checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it."
But wait just a minute. If Washington receives about $200 billion in monthly revenues and sends out roughly $50 billion worth of Social Security checks and the same amount of Medicare payments, why is Obama claiming the checks may not go out?
Isn't $200 billion minus $100 billion still $100 billion?
Because Obama is playing the demogogue, that's why. Pure and simple. He is trying to scare seniors into making panicked calls to their congressmen begging them to do whatever Obama and the Democrats want in order to keep the checks coming.


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Why doesn't someone introduce a Full Faith and Confidence Amendment to the Debt Ceiling law that states something to the effect that ONLY in the event that there are insufficient revenues, the debt ceiling will automatically be TEMPORARILY increased, on a monthly basis for the remainder of the fiscal year and only by the exact amount reqired for the United States to meet all prior obligations that are deemed essential to provide for the safety and security of our nation and it's inhabitants. The increase would also automatically revert back to the previous budget amount at the end of the fiscal year. Now, I realize the superfluousness of an amendment like this, but it seems to me that it would serve to immediately deflate the "impending economic apocalypse" argument and the Social Security fear mongering until consensus on a more permanent solution can be reached.

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