"Republicans Speeding off a Cliff?" - An insight into the liberal mindset

I recently came across an article on Egberto Willies, "As I See It" blogsite written by Bob Henderson, Democrat Party Chairman for Kay County Oklahoma that provides some interesting insight into the mindset of liberal Democrats. I thought it could lead to some interesting discussion so here goes...

Conservative talk show host Michael Savage once wrote a book titled "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder".  While some might see that as pretty harsh, when you look at some of the twisting of logic in Henderson's post you might have to agree.

Henderson starts off his post by painting a picture of the looming debt ceiling debate somehow cast as a "Rebel Without a Cause" game of chicken where President Obama is James Dean and Republicans as the unnamed driver of the opposing car.

Henderson says, "They drive speeding cars toward a cliff, and the driver who jumps out first is chicken. The plan is for both cars to hurl over the cliff, but for neither driver to get killed. That's the situation America is in right now. We're speeding toward a debt ceiling cliff. President Obama (James Dean) has opened the door to compromise, but so far Republicans have not even cracked their door. Are they really willing to drive off that cliff?"

At this point I would have to say he has it right that Obama is speeding towards the cliff that illustrates the dangers of increasing our national debt.  But he is completely wrong about the Republican position. Rather than blindly driving off the cliff with Obama, Republicans are attempting to apply the brakes to keep from driving off the cliff entirely. Secondly, Obama is not offering compromise at all, but merely saying "Let me continue my wild spending and raise taxes on the very people it will take to make our economy rebound!"  Very twisted logic indeed.

It is also an interesting analogy that Henderson paints where Obama is driving the car (representing the US Economy) off the cliff of the Debt Ceiling while planning on bailing out at the last second to save himself while we fall off the cliff...   just sayin....

Henderson then segwayed to crying about cutting Medicaid, yet it is his hero, Obama, who is cutting Medicaid under Obamacare. He says, "which provides healthcare for our poorest families and assists seniors who need to move into nursing homes, and cannot afford it on their own. But, it also includes the safety net for millions of unemployed Americans."

Well great!  How about we fix this economy by getting government spending under control so companies will feel comfortable and confident in actually HIRING America's unemployed!

Then he says, after crying about Oklahoma's state budget cuts (which have nothing to do with the national debt ceiling), "How did we get here? The richest nation in the world unable to educate its children. The answer is simple. We got here by more than 30 years of Republicans campaigning against government."

Well Mr. Henderson, you are right.  How we got here is simple...  We spent to much of "other people's money" trying to solve massive social programs.  It was not the tax cuts of the Bush administration that caused the deficit.  You see, a deficit is caused when spending excedes revenues.  Revenues went up after the tax cuts.  They always do.  But unfortunately, Mr. Bush was as big a spender as his Democrat predecessors and the Republican Congress at that time, forgot they worked for the people and not the President.

Ronald Reagan said, "Government is not the solution to our problem, government IS the problem." He was right.

We must reign in excessive government spending.  We must cut the spending and growth of the federal government and limit it to only that which is allowed under the Constitution. The 10th Amendment must become the sacred cow of American governance.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Only when spending is controlled will our budget come back into balance.  Speaker Gingrich proved this in the 90's with our first balanced budget in decades.  Republicans in Congress are now the only thing standing between the cliff and James Dean's; sorry, I meant Barack Obama's speeding car racing for the cliff. If we don't stand on the brakes, America will become Greece.  I don't want that and I hope you don't either.

Take a look at Mr. Henderson's entire article.  Take a look into the liberal mindset. Was Michael Savage correct?  Is Liberalism a mental disorder?




Hi Bob,

I must say I like you personally but your politics has me concerned. Why is it that all from the Right speak with the same tone and timber. I will agree that some "conservative" tenets have some value. Specifically unlike many of my liberal brothers I think we could create government programs so that able bodied welfare recipients can work on jobs. That will incentivise them to work work in the private sector if a job there is available.

Where we differ is in taxation and supply side economics. We have had that experiment for 30 years and all we have to show for it is a massive wealth transfer to the top 2%. This is factual and provable. Moreover higher taxes on the very wealthy is will not hurt the economy and is necessary. After-all the marginal propensity to consume of the middle class is higher than the wealthy and as such will mitigate the hoarding of non-working capital (this prose bare explanation but I am in a hurry right now).

Suffice it to say read my blog entry that really explains in an easy to understand manner.

Anyway Bob, hope to see you at one of your Tea Party rallies. We can disagree but we must remember we all want the same thing and we are all Americans. I think my way of getting there is more humane, moral, and correct.


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