Shovel, Shovel, Shovel!!!


While cleaning around the new homestead, there was an area that was covered in old hay and stray. There were piles of it spread over an area behind the barn. On top over it, were a few boards and all of the various and sundry items normally found in a bard yard.

After removing the over burden, there was left the main thing that is always at the bottom of the animal pens. Yes, you guessed it, cow crap. Rich and useful, all natural cow crap.

Sometimes it is just necessary to start shoveling. To shovel, and shovel and shovel. Eventually, you reach the bottom of it all and have a fresh clean floor. Shiny and gleaming, ready to use as you see fit.

But there is still the problem of the cow crap that you removed before. What to do with it and where to put it is something you always have to deal with. Life in the country makes that decision easy, start a garden. But that is not the case with Washington D.C. now is it?

As with Mr. Glenn Beck, I, your humble correspondent, have had enough with railing against the less than brilliant group of politicians in D.C. By now, those on both sides of the political issues have pulled the swords and as with William Barret Travis at the Alamo, have drawn their lines in the political sands.

And to those that are still undecided as to their opinions about Obama and the Democrats' agendas, please do the Republic a favor and not only refrain from voting in any election, but please have yourselves spayed and neutered for the benefit of all of those that care about the future of our country.

How anyone could still not clearly discern the vast difference between the two ideologies is a complete mystery at this point. The gulf between the parties is deeper and wider than the Mariana Trench.

People, people, people! Get a brain and make your choice. Remember that by choosing not to decide, you have still made a choice and that choice is to leave the future of your life, your children’s life, the Republic's life and the life of the greater world in the hands of those that have no interest in your opinion, wants and needs.

To my friends, the GOP, the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln. There are some things that you have to come to terms with and come to terms with ASAP. As in NOW! The Tea Party people, whether you like them, are true patriots because they have clearly made a choice. Like it or not, the Tea Party people are here to stay.

It is time for the Republican Party and the Tea Party, who in themselves are more often than not Republican voters, come together to defeat our mutual political enemies in D.C. Yes, enemies, because that is where we are in this fight to save the Republic. It is time to let some of the issues they  hold take a back seat to the main divine mission before both parties. The utter defeat, subjugation of and the dismantling of Obama and the Democratic Party as a enemy of the Constitution and the working people of this, the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

Behind the scenes, Obama and his Czars are completely rewriting rules and regulations that will fundamentally change our way of life. This whole debate about the debt ceiling and debt is being used to Obama’s advantage by keeping everyone’s radar fixed in a different direction from the dismantling of our way of life.

Behind the scenes, Obama’s EPA has been quietly implementing one of the most radical policies of his Administration. Since the vast right wing conspiracy helped ensure the failure of cap-and-trade, Obama has turned to the EPA to carry out his radical, anti-American environmental agenda. Obama was quoted saying “Cap-and-trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.”

The EPA is in the process of completing and finalizing 30 major regulations and 170 major policy rules that would impose hundreds of billions of dollars of compliance costs on the economy, killing jobs and threatening the economic recovery.

These changes comprise a series of sweeping new regulations that cover everything from industrial emissions of mercury, ozone, and carbon dioxide to new permitting requirements. Increasing the prices of traditional fossil-fuel energy sources has been a long time goal of many radicals on the left. President Obama has openly admitted that his under his proposed cap-and-trade program “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

These regulations specifically target America’s coal industry, and will result in much higher electricity prices. Estimates indicate that if all proposed regulations are finalized, 22 percent of coal fired plants would not be able to meet requirements and would be forced out of business, eliminating 75 gigawatts (enough electricity to power around 50 million homes) of coal produced electricity.

On July 6th, the EPA finalized the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), the first of many in the EPA’s newest wave of regulations. CSAPR, is an air transport rule that regulates emissions from coal fired power plants in 27 states. The rule is designed to prevent emissions from drifting over state lines. The EPA is directly mandating individual plans for each regulated state and is enforcing immediate adoption to go into effect January 1, 2012.

The EPA plans the new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rules on track to go on the books this November. These rules target coal fired power plants and call for huge reductions in mercury, particulate matter, and other common emissions. Under MACT rules, all power plants will be required to meet the same standards as the top 12% of plants.

The EPA is revising its National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for industrial ozone emissions this year. Tighter NAAQS standards could cost the economy as much as $90 billion a year, according to the EPA’s own overly conservative estimates, and according to research by MAPI/Manufacturers Alliance could result in the loss of as many as 7 million jobs by 2020.

Under Obama, the CSPAR, MACT, and NAAQS rules are just the beginning of the EPA’s new regulatory package. The EPA is developing new anti-energy rules that would enact unnecessary regulations on everything from greenhouse gas emissions to cooling water intake at electricity generating facilities. The final cost of the Obama EPA dismantling of the American way of life is hard to count until the rules are finalized and go into effect. The America Legislative Exchange Council cites estimates that indicate proposed EPA regulations could cost the economy as much as $920 billion in the next few years and much more money in the future.

This Obama disaster could go on and on, but, as when shoveling barn yard cow crap, you just get tired of the same old sh…..stuff. We have a huge task ahead us my fellow American conservative patriots. Not just with stopping Obama and his bullet train of cow crap, but also defeating those that will vote against us. So, get out that shovel, and shovel, shovel, shovel.

And may I ask something from all of us. Republicans, Tea Party People and independent conservatives? Please come together in this time of national disaster and crises and defeat Obama and the Democrats. Defeat them everywhere and in every election. Shovel, Shovel, Shovel!



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