New York Passes Wage Theft Prevention Act

New York recently passed the Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA). ConstructionCitizen explains that before this law was passed employers caught breaking the laws were only required to pay 25% of back wages. Since the penalty was low, employers would take the chance of hiring illegal workers in order to pay sub-minimum wages, not paying taxes, as well as violating other wage theft laws. However, with the new Wage Theft prevention Act, employers violating the laws must pay all wages owed plus a penalty matching the owed-wage amount. 

Worker misclassification and wage theft are becoming more and more of a problem as underhanded hiring of illegal immigrants hurts American citizens who are seeking a job and employers who are playing by the rules. 

Hopefully more states such as Texas will look into passing laws that will bring about harsher penalties for employers hiring illegal workers. 


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