Obama and his Sputnik Moment and Kumbaya Battle

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Senior Advisor, announced early yesterday that Obama’s State of the Union Address was going to stick to his Five Basic Pillars, which are innovation, education, infrastructure, streamline the federal budget and bring the federal deficit down. She whittled down his 62 minute double talk speech to about 30 seconds. Obama was able to use the word ‘together’ many times over and over during his address. Knowing that he so desperately wants the American people to think that he has moved to the center, he chose his words to fit his scheme. He should have just told us, “I want to win in 2012 so I will pretend to move to the center and use words you like to hear to achieve my goal.”

In essence he is not releasing his chokehold on his radical agenda and refuses to see that he lost the House. He made reference to the Health Care bill and flat out said he was not willing to go back to the days when insurance companies denied those with pre existing conditions. He did not miss the opportunity to say that repealing ObamaCare will cost ¼ trillion dollars. He also made mention of the fact that we were buried under a mountain of debt left by a legacy of spending almost a decade ago. He reared his ugly head when he said that we could not afford the tax cuts for the top 2% of millionaires. The most telling of his stale speech was when he verbalized, “I will veto earmarks!” He kept saying we had to move forward and win the future but all I heard were references to the past. Did he expect us to believe that the worst of the recession is over when predictions are that foreclosures this year will surpass 2010? In spite of his empty words that “even if we sit together tonight we must work together tomorrow”, I doubt he fooled those who are suffering from our ailing economy and his broken promises of creating jobs.

So while he plans on freezing domestic spending for the next five years and cut the Defense budget he wants to invest in bio medical, clean energy technology and information technology. The clincher that he is NOT moving to the center, he plans to eliminate one billion dollars to the oil companies because it is yesterday’s energy. He and GE Jeffery Immelt have us going Green and solar shingles are our real future! He intends to ‘out innovate and out educate the rest of the world by taking responsibility for our future’. He plans to push the ‘Race to the Top’ initiative in education, lower corporate tax rates, review government regulations and wants congress to pass the Trade Agreement with North Korea. He again promised that the children of illegal immigrants must come out of the shadows so that they can stop their fear of deportation.

In a nutshell, he will push forward his out of control spending agenda in spite of what the American people want. His moment of true hypocrisy landed him the loudest and longest applause. After two years of apologizing to the world about our American exceptionalism, it was hard to listen to his double talk that he “would not trade places with any other nation on earth.” He also commented on our “Sputnik Moment” and that the “future is ours to win.” All in all it was his best ‘double talk’ speech and the most depressing, that Americans will soon forget. Take note of the issues he did not mention, gun control, abortion and how and where the money will come from to ‘invest’ in our future. We are in for a kumbaya battle!


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