Obama Appoints "Cash for Clunkers" Creator to Head Economic Position - More Spending on the Way!

It seems President Obama will not learn that we are tired of his runaway spending programs. Just when it looked like the American people had spoken loudly on this topic, the President appoints Professor Alan Krueger to head up his team of economic advisors. Perhaps you might rembers Professor Krueger from his prior spend-a-thon program, "Cash for Clunkers".

Spending program after spending program has not helped this economy, nor the President's job creation record. Yet, now he is poised to put another big spender on his advisory board. What is wrong with this man?

Read more about this dismal appointment from TexasGOPVote articles by Congressman Pete Sessions and a separate article by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

As we prepare for President Obama's re-run of last fall's "New Jobs" speach, take a look at Texas Workforce Commissioner Tom Pauken's article from last year - "Joblessness and Debt".

When asked about "Cash for Clunkers", Beverly Hillbillies former millionaire Jethro Bodine said, "Aw shucks Miss Jane, I would rather find a new job as a short order cook or a brain surgeon than get Cash for this Clunker..."

Perhaps the President would be better served by hiring Mr. Bodine to his board of Economic Advisors. He, at least, knows how to create oil jobs... Or at least his uncle Jed did... Just sayin...

But then, maybe we would all be better served by the appointment of Freddie Krueger instead... At least Freddie Krueger knows how to cut!


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