Obama Button Sales Show Shabby Results at Texas Democratic Party Convention

It is quite evident from this year's Texas Democratic Party Convention, that the Obama bubble has burst!

In 2008, Sue Ann Foster came to the Democratic Convention with 600 Obama buttons, all of which sold out within 2 hours! However, this year Foster could only manage to sell 60 Obama buttons within an hour. 

According to Dallas Morning News:

What a difference two years makes. During his run for president, Barack Obama was a vendors dream. Buttons were going for $10 a pop, or higher. Shirts, posters and other materials commanded even more. Obama merchandise flew off the tables.

But this year, Obama merchandise was sold on clearance right from the get-go:

Obama gear was being sold Friday, the first full day of the convention, at bargain basement prices. Mugs were $1. Posters could be had three for $10. Some buttons were being sold for as little as $1.

The lagging sales didn't appear to discourage Foster, who claimed,

"Obama is still popular. Hey, he got healthcare reform passed."

Right... health care reform. How could we forget?


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