Obama Fought for Mexican Killer in Texas – Won’t Fight for Christians facing Execution Worldwide

Obama Fought to Stop the Execution of a Mexican National who Raped and Killed a Young Girl in Texas

Earlier this year, the Obama Administration fought to stop Texas from executing a Mexican National, Humberto Leal Garcia, who raped and killed a young girl in Texas. There was no question that Garcia raped and killed this girl and it is out of the ordinary for the United States Government to get involved in a State Capital Murder case.

Still, the Obama Administration tried to stop the Texas execution of this murder. The Obama Administration said that executing this Mexican National would cause “irreparable harm” to US – Mexico relations.

Ted Cruz, who is running for United States Senate, was the Solicitor General for Texas at the time and fought against the Obama Administration’s infringement upon the State Sovereignty of Texas. Ted Cruz went to the United States Supreme Court and beat Obama on this issue.

Obama Has Said Nothing to Iran to Try To Stop Them From Killing a Pastor Simply because he Believes in Jesus Christ

update: The White House has finally spoken out against the execution of the pastor in Iran. It is amazing what all the press coverage will do. The war against Christianity still continues and Obama needs to take a strong stance against it like when he tried to help the Mexican Killer in Texas and like he has stood for allowing Gays in the military

Just yesterday, I read a Fox News article about an Iranian Pastor, Yousef Nadarkhani, who is sentenced to death and is to be executed soon, simply because he believes in Jesus Christ. WHAT!? Why are we just hearing about this? Why has no one stood up and pleaded for Iran to stop this unjust execution. Just yesterday morning, Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, sent a letter to Iran denouncing Iran’s pending execution of this man. Nothing has come out from the Obama Administration about this execution. Obama has no problem getting involved in Mexican affairs and trying to stop the execution of a murderer, but he will not open his mouth to say that it is wrong to execute a man simply because he believes in Jesus Christ.

More Christians Have Been Killed in the United States and Worldwide in 20th Century than Ever Before in History

While leftists and the Obama Administration are focused on allowing gays to serve openly in the military and forcing every American to purchase private healthcare, there have been more serious issues of intolerance and persecution against Christians. Remember the Columbine School Shooting when the gunman shot a girl simply because she would not deny Christ? Remember the Texas church where a gunman killed several people? That is happening right here in America. The liberals are mute when it comes to standing up against intolerance towards Christianity. In fact, the liberals, who speak of intolerance, are themselves intolerant of Christians. They want to keep people from praying at a funeral, they want to take historical crosses down at memorials, and they even punish kids in school for simply believing that homosexuality is wrong. They believe that everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe, except for Christians of course, who should never express their beliefs in public.

That is just in America. Worldwide, there are Christians being sent to prison, tortured and executed, simply because they believe in Jesus Christ. Where is the outrage? More Christians have been killed in the modern 20th Century than in the entire history of Christianity. There are dozens of countries where Christianity, and even owning a bible, is banned.

Voice of the Martyrs keeps track of many of these individuals who are in prison or have been killed as a result of their faith in Jesus Christ. This Iran pastor facing execution is not just an isolated incident. It is the tip of a very large Iceberg. Christians are being killed worldwide simply because of their faith. In America, Christians are facing more intolerance and restrictions every year. Will America, which was founded on Religious Freedom, one day start persecuting Christians, like other countries, simply because they openly believe in Christ? I hope not, but I am not surprised by anything anymore in this day and age. It seems like every day there is a new story of an attack against Christianity in America. I even recently read about a California couple getting fined for having a bible study at their private home! What are they going to do if they keep holding the Bible study? Are they going to arrest them?

The war against Christianity is real. It is real, and people are dying.


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