Is Obama Fox News Channel's New Best Friend?

Obama may not like Fox News, but Fox News likes Obama... well at least is thankful for him:

The first year of the Democratic president has been good for the nation's leading cable news channel - its viewership up 7 percent in prime-time hours so far in 2009, compared to the same time last year.
... Beck's own audience - 2.67 million viewers in November - includes a 101 percent gain among the 25-54 year-olds since last year.

Is the same true for competing news channels? Absolutely not. Rivals CNN and MSNBC are both down by double digits.

Both CNN and MSMBC were suffering their worst months of the year, by comparison - with CNN's Anderson Cooper down 70 percent from last year among the 25-54s, Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room off 63 percent among the same crowd.

Way to go Fox News! I guess the people want to hear the truth about our current Administration! Maybe the White House should think twice before attacking Fox News again!


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