Pete Sessions Responds to President Obama’s Address to Congress

Today, I released the following statement in response to President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress:

After our economy created zero new jobs in August, the American people demand and deserve for Washington to get serious about addressing our nation’s unemployment crisis. Unfortunately, President Obama used another speech to once again promote more of the same failed ‘Stimulus’ policies that the American people soundly rejected last November. To make matters worse, the President’s spending plan would take more money directly out of the hands of American job creators.

Since January, House Republicans have passed 11 bills that could immediately help spur job creation, but have been stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate. This fall, we will continue to build on pro-growth and regulatory-relief initiatives as outlined in our Plan for America’s Job Creators to create jobs and grow the economy. Removing job-destroying regulations and pursuing pro-growth tax relief will relieve businesses of increasing costs that are stunting growth and preventing job creation.

While House Republicans welcome the President’s participation in the dialogue on how to help our economy create jobs, we must support real solutions that give employers a renewed confidence in innovation, investment and job creation. With a constant readiness to work with President Obama, House Republicans have and will continue to provide common-sense solutions to get Americans back to work and protect the American Dream.


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