Obama May Be On A Collision Course With The Supreme Court

After a partisan ambush by President Obama at this year's State of the Union Address, the Supreme Court of the United States is poised for a showdown with the "great one." After The Court's decision in Citizens United, the President, in his annual address, criticized the conservative Justices led by Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, Jr. The L.A. Times says that Chief Justice Roberts is still angered by this partisan attack on the independent judiciary.


Now that Obama has overstepped the bounds of his office by regulating everything in sight, including corporations, financial institutions, health care, and the energy indusrty, many legal experts are predicting a collision between Obama's agenda and the conservative court. So far we have seen a federal judge overturn the President's moratorium on deep-water drilling, and Obamacare is already under attack in the lower courts - could this be a sign of things to come? If so, this is a positive sign for Americans who are tired of Big Government power grabs.


Just today it was learned that the Department of Justice is ready to file suit against Arizona over SB10170. This is a case that will no doubt eventually wind up in the Supreme Court. The constitutional issue of whether or not a state has a right to create and enforce immigration laws when such laws are within the "domain" of the federal government is a question that we can only hope that the Chief Justice Robert's conservative coalition will make the right call on. The signals that The Court will decide against government intervention...whether the court will make such a decision based on the facts of this case is yet to be seen, but one can bet that Obama is wishing he hadn't put his foot in his mouth at the State of Union Address in January.


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