Obama The Peace Prize War Monger Attacks Libya

“No boots on the ground and the rebels don’t want us”
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaking of Libya
at House Armed Services Committee March 31, 2011

Obama the peace prize war monger vacationer attacked Libya after the French initiated the first strike. This Commander in Chief is the direct result of the media who continue to promote him as the best thing that ever happened to America. These totally vacant headed minions continue to tell the American people just what a great leader he is. The Socialists/Democrats may be tiring of Obama. The only trouble is they bounce back after a good night’s sleep. Those with understanding know that we are in deep trouble having a power hungry man who wants to ‘rule the world’ syndrome. According to Obama, we are attacking Libya purely on a humanitarian issue, and then I heard him say were attacking Libya because of our “interests and values” during his address on Monday evening. The oil from Libya goes to Europe and Obama’s twisted values definitely don’t match our Founding Fathers’ values. So what exactly did he mean by our “interests and values”? He also commented on the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which is the ‘No Fly Zone’ banning all aircraft over Libya. Not all members of the Security Council were in agreement. The UN gave the Resolution, France took the lead and the Arab League blessed the action then changed their minds. NATO supposedly took over today. Obama can now rest and go on vacation…again.

The House Armed Services Committee hearing this morning was an eye opener. According to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates we have two missions, first the military mission which is basically completed and now needs to be sustained and second the political objective to replace Muammar Gaddafi. Gates says that Obama has made it clear that there will be no boots on the ground in Libya. Gates admitted that while they have no idea who the rebels are, the world certainly knows all about how evil Gaddafi is.

During the Congressional hearing, Congressman Randy Forbes asked Gates, “If a tomahawk landed in New York City would you consider this an act of war?” to which Gates replied, “Probably”. Forbes further pressed Gates by indicating that if we launched a tomahawk aimed at Libya we would consider this an act of war. Forbes mentioned that the War Powers Act states that there are three actions that should take place before we enter into war. The three actions are 1. A declaration of war 2. Specific statutory authorization or 3. A national emergency created by attack upon the United States or its territories or possessions or its armed forces. Gates stated that Obama would welcome a Congressional Resolution on Libya. Members of the committee both Republican and Democrat agreed that it would be difficult for Obama to have a Resolution that would be bipartisan.

Gates did some great maneuvering during the hearing. He claimed that Obama complied with the War Powers Act by consultation and notification and that Obama is not any different than any other president taking action. Obama decided on Thursday night, March 17 to attack Libya. During the questioning it was learned that there are 140 different tribes with no leader. This is a strong concern because Gates has no knowledge of the rebels’ agenda or who they are. He emphasized that military pressure is necessary to degrade Muammar Gaddafi’s military and mentioned that Gaddafi’s men are better equipped than the rebels, and for this reason, his assets have been frozen. Obama issued Executive Order 13566 dated February 25, 2011 seizing Gaddafi’s property and interests in the United States.

At a time when we are struggling with our failing economy it seems that a ‘humanitarian’ mission that has cost the American taxpayer $550 million as of Monday, March 28, 2011 and will cost $40 million per month until the ‘humanitarian’ mission ends make no sense. Each tomahawk costs $1 million and the F-15 that was destroyed cost $31 million, but who is counting. Many believe that this attack on Libya is an impeachable action but many disagree because he is the Commander in Chief and has the authority to enter into war. While some on the committee members claimed that there was a lack of notification, others cite the fact that leaders were notified of the attack. This action will be debated for a long time to come. But as long as Obama has men like Eric Holder doing his bid, we have a wait until we see him behind bars if ever.

Muammar Gaddafi



Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn is commanded by
US Navy Admiral Samuel J Locklear III



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