Obama Protester Gets Thrown in Jail by UT Police, Have We Become a Police State?

While Obamas loyal liberal student followers were willing to camp out all night in order to get a glimpse of their president when he spoke at the University of Texas last month, First Amendment rights were being violated just outside the doors.

Watch below as John Bush, director of Texans for Accountable Government, comes to protest Obama and engage in peaceful debate on public space, but is arrested and thrown in jail! If this isnt bad enough, John Bush had a press pass and was in a "free-speech zone!"

According to Texans for Accountable Government:

Bush, noted that he was not only redressing his grievances, but also exercising his freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and his right to peaceably assemble, all of which are enumerated within the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

According to John Bush:

“The whole idea of a ‘free-speech zone’ is repugnant to the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Americans must realize that the entire country is a free speech zone! I encourage everybody to learn their rights and to exercise them whenever possible. Stand strong in the face of adversity if you know you are doing no wrong. Together, we can make Austin the most free and prosperous city in the world!”


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I would like to hear what happened.  Was he charged?  Lawsuits?  Comments from the University?

I am surprised that Obama didn't issue an official statement,"Those cops acted stupidly" and "I would like to have a beer with that guy"

When will you ever learn?  This Administration has no use for the Constitution of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />United States other then for personal hygiene or to use as starter for the fireplace. 

Once this country has been brought to its knees it will reconstruct this country the way they have foreseen it, as a Socialist Marxist State.  Lead by a dictator and his ruling class.  Get used to it now as no one is doing anything to the contrary including the registered voters of this country.  So therefore we will get the government we deserve.


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