Obama Reveals Birth Certificate, Or Does He?

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It finally happened; Obama has released his long form birth certificate amidst all the controversy that Donald Trump was able to kick up. Not only Republicans but Democrats and Independents have wondered why Obama has allowed such a simple matter to grow into this monstrous issue. It is Obama alone that is to blame for not showing his long form birth certificate from the beginning. This action by itself proves that Obama does not have the leadership to know what to do, not even on a simple birth certificate. Again he shifts blame to others. Most people only wanted Obama to show his birth certificate; after all we have to show ours for our Social Security card, our driver’s license, and for our marriage license to name a few.

Donald Trump said, “I am honored and proud that I was able to do something that no ONE else was able to do.” He had Obama’s birth certificate revealed that not the Clintons, not anyone could do. He also said he hoped it was true so we can go on to much more important matters.

Then darkness came over the TV screen as Obama opened his mouth. “I cannot get the networks to break in”, in referring to Trump’s press conference held just before Obama’s press conference. In fact the networks did break in during the Q&A period of Trump’s press conference.

Obama continued, this issue started during the campaign, and I have watched with bemusement, and this thing just keeps on going. Normally I would not comment on this but this issue has become the main topic over our budget crisis. If we are distracted by belittling each other, making stuff up, sideshows and carnival barkers, this issue will not be put to rest. Obama implied that Donald Trump was the carnival barker. “We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We have better things to do; I have better things to do.” Of course Obama has much better things to do…we all know that, vacationing, golfing and visiting foreign countries giving taxpayers money away.

MSNBC is belittling Trump to such a degree that you have to be an idiot not to understand media bias. As far as I am concerned Obama should have released his birth certificate a long time ago. The question remains, “Why did he wait so long?”


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Totally agree.  Obama could have stopped the noise long ago but he had such disdain for the American public that he dismissed their concern and distress over their U.S. Constitution being subverted.  He is an arrogant, abusive, immature street punk.  And though he supposedly has released the Long Form Birth Certificate, the question of his eligibility was always 3 pronged...place of birth, dual citizenship at the time of his birth and his Indonesian adoption.  This is not over by any stretch of the imagination.

Still to this day, I do not know how Barack "Hussein" Obama got elected as our President. His arrogance, and demeaning attitude towards all Americans is not what we need as a country. He seems to have an attitude that is not of a public servant, but one that has a personal agenda.
I will stick to the idea and belief that my vote does count and use that right. We do not need another term from this president, he is bleeding this country dry, people are voting for and following this man as if he is the answer to all problems, in fact he was voted into office blindly, by good people who thought they were doing the right thing. But hopfully this blindness will be temporary and hopefully people will see him for what he really is. Rick Perry is a good govenor and a good man.

See the results of the only law enforcement investigation of the Birth Certificate image posted on the White House web site, as well as comments about the fraudulent Selective Service registration and Social Security number:



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