Obama White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers- Hides It on Website (VIDEO)

Aetna, Jack in the Box, and Federation of Teachers are just a few of the companies and unions out of the 111 that have been granted waivers from the White House, exempting them from Obamacare's wrath.

Tracy Byrnes from Fox Business Network explains:

"The little guy who's affected the most doesn't have the money and the big corporate attorneys to go back to the government and fight for it, and so they're not on the [waiver] list. So we have big companies getting away with things and the little guys are getting hurt yet again…The bottom line here is the fact that they gave out waivers, it's an admission of guilt. Basically, they're saying "You're right, we screwed up, we're going to give you some time to figure it out."

Watch below:


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