Obamacare: A Pile of Partisan Mush

The debate over health care has changed from one of ideologies to one of mere partisan competition.

Supporters of the bill argue that health care is a right and that everyone is entitled to health care. While this is an arguable topic, some people do feel that the government should provide its citizens with health care. However, the health care bill being voted on today will do anything but have the government provide its citizens with health care.

Do supporters on the bill realized that their once cherished beacon of hope at the end of the legislature has now turned into a pile of partisan mush?

While Democrats in the legislature complain that the only thing stopping them from passing Obamacare are the Republicans, the Republicans can also argue that the only thing causing the passage of such a bill are the Democrats.

It would have been one thing if the bill actually covered 30 million uninsured people once passed. The Democrats would have a sound argument saying that by not passing the bill, millions would be left uninsured. However, the current bill will only mandate that the millions of uninsured people buy health insurance. That is like telling an unemployed person you will help them find a job by only telling them to find a job. There is a reason so many people do not have health insurance--people can either not afford it or cannot be covered due to a pre-existing condition.

While the health care bill will mandate that insurance companies disregard pre-existing conditions, this will do anything but help people afford to buy their own health insurance.

My father, who has worked in the health insurance business for as long as I can remember, and I were talking about what insurance companies covering pre-existing conditions without penalty would do to consumers. The example we came up with was this:

We have paid around $10,000 a year for health insurance coverage over the last 10 years, amounting to nearly $100,000. From this $100,000, weve probably had around $20,000 of medical bills covered because no one in our family has suffered any major injury or medical complications. Were $80,000 in the red.

Now, what will happen if insurance companies start covering people with pre-existing conditions without penalty? They will surely not need only $20,000 of coverage over 10 years. But because these people are to be covered without any penalty against them, the price of insurance for everyone else covered under the same company will be inflated by a exponential amount.

While this plan benefits those with pre-existing conditions, millions more will suffer due to the inflation that will ensue from this kind of plan. In reality, the only people this current health care bill could help are those with pre-existing conditions who cant get insurance otherwise.

In an effort to say they got something done, the Democrats have turned Obamacare into a convoluted mess of unfunded mandates for the nations citizens and bribes such as student loan programs and extended government assistance programs for certain states.

The health care bill, if passed, will be nothing but a meaningless trophy for the Obama administration--not the beacon of hope for the millions of uninsured Americans.

And Ms. Pelosi, in case you forgot how things are supposed to be done, watch this.


At this point, the GOP is down for the count. Their reputation as the once proud "Lincoln's Party" has become the dreaded "Bush's Party". A party of old men, religious fanatics, bribe takers, and gun nuts. They only seem to want to block healthcare, and they have no feasible plan of their own. The plan they have produced will only help the insurance and pharmaceutical companies continue the same crap they have been doing since the healthcare system was invented many years ago.  What the U.S. needs is a fully universal system like the British, the Canadians, and every other first world country on this planet. It's issues like this that make other nations look down their noses at the U.S. and that is why the U.S. is lagging behind in the global world and economic recovery. Thats why companies (i.e. General Motors) export jobs and layoff workers, because they have to pay for healthcare, where in other countries, you get it for free. Maybe if we stopped cutting taxes for the rich we might have enough money to pay for a universal system, instead of wasting it on wars, weapons, and Wall Street bankers.

Anonymous, above, is an idiot and knows not what he is talking about.

If the GOP is down for the count, then I'd have to say the Dims' are burying themselves in such a deep hole, they may become extinct . It's easy to blather on............... calling names, blaming  the "other" party. Truth is - this has NOTHING to do with Health Care.

It's ALL about power and control. It's about back room deals, promises never to be kept, and showing your party colors by sacrificing yourself on the altar of 0bama's maniacal "want".  There are so many special deals and furthering the granting of even more power to the government to usurp the will of the people. As to the obligatory jab at those who make this country work and who pay their taxes - the attempt to paint them as "evil" ; well I think that little bit of manure stinks is exactly what it appears to be.

You're right about that, of course. This bill has been mishandled by both parties and since its creation been nothing more than a Partisan talking point and game. Both parties are to blame. In fact, I am loathe to admit, the GOP has had more of an influence on this bill than maybe they should have, and have muddied the waters more than is right. Conversely, the Democrats have grossly mishandled the way they presented this bill to the public and even amongst themselves. The bill is a rushed and convoluted mess at this point, you're right, but it passed. Look. Sad as I am to say, you're right. In the end the passing of this bill was a fumble on both sides of the political field that somehow managed to become a touchdown.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's a <b>good</b> thing that it passed.  A small, perhaps naively optimistic side of me hopes the bill's problems will be smoothed out in the coming months. Hang me if you'd like for thinking so, but I don't believe this is the end of the world (or the United States.) This lobotomized bill may work yet. I can only hope that both parties stop the yelling and screaming and overall childishness and work together to fix the problems inherent in the reform. Of course, I've been hoping that since the very beginning and it hasn't happened yet. The schism between the parties has only gotten wider, but as I said, there's a glimmer of optimism there now.

In any case, the best we can do now is find ways of making this work for the next year or two while the Democrats are still in office. Because, I mean, let's be honest here, it's going the way of the Dinosaurs if the GOP gets back into a position of power.


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