The recent gaffe by Obama that the private sector is doing fine can’t really be described a gaffe but an insight in the soul of Obama and how he truly views America. Every so often a politician gives us a glimpse into what he or she believes on an issue or about the people that he or she wants to govern. Obama have given us many of those glimpses. His famous statement about clinging to guns and God was how he really felt about many white blue collar workers whose votes he was seeking in the Democratic Pennsylvania primary. His failure to attract those voters from Hillary elicited a pathetic response that essentially stated that these voters were xenophobic individuals who hated foreigners and subscribe to superstition like God and belief in the Second Amendment. For Obama and many of his progressive ilk, belief in God is often viewed as an obstacle to rational thought, and the Constitution is an old document no longer truly venerable.  During those brief moments during the Pennsylvania primary, Obama believed that many of these working men and women had to be xenophobic or else why didn’t he accept them?

His most recent statement on the economy shows that his biggest concern is not growing the economy, but building the public sector of the economy. In Obama's mind on the modern economy, the major engine of growth is Government and the more government jobs available, the more secure the economy. The private sector in Obama’s mind is to serve the public sector and the public good. Obama's philosophy is anti-free market when you view the Obama philosophy at its core.

The Wall Street Journal summarized Obama's logic on economics, “The President's response is to say as his first policy priority that the federal government should borrow or tax more so it can then finance more hiring by state and local governments. Spur the economy by growing the size of government.” In Obama’s mind the real problem with our economy is the drop in government workers but as Wall Street Journal noted, the real problem is not the decrease in local government spending since state and local revenues increased by 6%, but that the cost of workers' benefits is increasing faster than revenues. This has led to many local and state layoffs, which is why Scott Walker's reforms turned out more popular than previously thought since reforming public sector influences led to no layoffs and a balanced budget without raising taxes in Wisconsin.

Obama's idea is to shift money from those states and local governments who have managed their budget with prudent care and transfer it to the more spendthrift states. After three and a half years, Obama has not learned, which has not been seen since the 1930’s and the Great Depression.

No, Obama did not make a gaffe with his famous statement that the private sector is doing fine, but instead, he gave us the true Obama, a politician who believes the government is the final arbitrator of economic growth. It is the philosophy that leads to the road to serfdom.


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