ObamaWorld: Policy Over Their Heads

When I heard about Kevin Costner’s press conference on the British Petroleum oil spill, I’m afraid that I thought about WaterWorld, that huge money-loser that helped put the “Sci-Fi “ in Science Fiction movies once and for all and (like our government) cost more than it earned. Poor man, Mr. Costner is exposing himself to more trouble than the posthuman Mariner ever had with the Deacon by hanging out with the Environmental Protection Agency and the policy wonks from ObamaWorld.


What I’m learning from watching the process of appointments and proliferation of czardoms in the Obama Administration is that the Powers-That-Be (PTB) seem to believe that policy should be written -- and often -- no matter how far over their heads they find themselves. In ObamaWorld, establishing policy trumps the Constitution, the will of the electorate and that slow-as-an-iceberg Legislative Branch. Regulate ‘em all and let the Supreme Court sort ‘em out.


I suspect that all that is needed to qualify to be a policy-writing PTB in ObamaWorld is to convince the current PTB’s that you write and act in agreement with them, regardless of how little experience or qualifications you might have. How else to explain the Administration’s incompetence, where so many appointees who resign (or are thrown under the bus with Reverend Wright)? The nomination of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice in spite of her lack of experience as a judge or even as an attorney practicing appellant or Constitutional law is simply the latest in the last 18 months of spectacles.


Case in point: Bioethics was said to be one of the priorities of the Obama Administration, although he is not turning out to be the bioethics President they thought he would be when he overturned the Bush Administration’s restrictions on embryonic stem cell research in March of 2009. In fact, some researchers say they are worse off than they were under Bush!


It seems that the Obama Administration policy makers inadvertently forgot to “grandfather” the embryonic stem cell lines that were approved by President Bush in August 2001 and which have been funded by the National Institute of Health ever since. Last week’s policy may have repaired that gap. Although, watch for complaints to increase once again, as the NIH director, Francis Collins, is holding to the current strict guidelines on consent.


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This is an excellent article.  It details the total ineptness of the current administration to understand what they were suppose to do with bioethics and of course stem cell research.  BUT this also proves that no matter what issue is covered by this administration, in Obama's own words, I am not "perfect". Now that is the TRUTH!

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