Occupy DC protester is able to list what she wants

It can be a challenge finding an "occupy" protester who can actually articulate what he or she wants or what the purpose of his or her participation in a rally is. However, Mary Shesgreen from Elgin, Illinois who was at the Occupy rally in Washington, DC on October 6 was able to do just that. What follows (VIDEO) is a list of progressive talking points, ranging from complaining about the top one-half of one percent and Fortune 500 companies to saving the planet from the climate change!

Transcript: My name is Mary Shesgreen, Im from Elgin, Illinois, Im with Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, I came here to protest against the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, which is still going on, being carried on with military contractors, private military contractors like Blackwater, I want an end to all those wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, all those wars, Libya, I want us out, I want the troops home, I want us to start to withdraw from our empire, our position of global military dominance. Its making the world hate us, its making the world miserable, and its damaging our democracy here at home. Im also here to protest the increasing consolidation of wealth and power by the very very wealthy, by the top half of one percent, and by the Fortune 500 corporations, which are exercising their power to damage our democracy, to deny climate change, especially the human contribution to climate change, and theyre making a mess of the world for my grandchildren... so thats why Im here.



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