Occupy Philadelphia: vegetarian craving fat pig; kill your ego; beautiful and debonair mingle with destitute and aggrieved

(Video and pictures are included below.)  The Occupy Philly protests took place in front of City Hall in the square at 15th and Market streets. There was plenty of drum music, organizing meetings, and cardboard signs, just like the DC protests. What was different from DC was that the crowd in Philly looked more impoverished and deprived. Participants present included the homeless, the downtrodden, the aggrieved, the transgender advocates and Hare Krishnas. However, the citys up-and-coming suave, debonair and beautiful people also made an appearance and could be seen mingling with commoners and the disadvantaged and holding their very own ripped cardboard signs with magic marker messages. There were plenty of curious sight seers and tourists too.

While at least one participant claimed "too many grievances to fit on this sign", others were more specific with their messages, including:

  • Vegetarian craving fat pig 
  • Stop the republican takeover 
  • Kill your ego 
  • Reinstate Glass-Stegall 
  • Join the Socialists 
  • Audit the Fed 
  • Occupy everything 
  • This is Real 
  • We are the 99% 
  • To stop the wheels of corruption you need friction
  • Jobs schools homes health are a right 
  • Slumlords and corrupt politicians 
  • Portrayals of ruling class versus managing class versus everyone else
  • We voted you in and now well vote you out

And of course the ambient chants of "Hare Hare, Hare Hare, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare!"




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