Police outmaneuvered Occupy Chicago career activists who targeted Management Bankers' Association meeting at Hyatt

While much of the "occupy everything" movement appeared peaceful (and often naive) last week, not all protests were such.  (See previous posts Occupy DC, Occupy Philly and Occupy Wall Street.)  According to BigGovernment.com, career community organizer Lisa Fithian working with unions, Democrats and anarchist groups on the ground intended to "forcibly disrupt the Mortgage Bankers’ Association meeting at the Hyatt Regency Chicago" on Monday afternoon, October 10, Columbus Day.  However, the police got there first thanks to tips received and were able to maintain control of the situation.  

According to Citizen Patriot Response founder Brandon Darby, "one tactic that the protest organizers used was to first distribute the protesters around the city but then converge upon the Hyatt at an appointed time, with the plan that the police forces would remain spread out and that the protesters would concentrate their forces at the single targeted location before the police could respond."  In this case, however, the tactic didn't work because the police received information ahead of time.  According to BigGovernment.com, "Police have turned out in larger-than-anticipated numbers. Activists attempted–thrice–to occupy the Hyatt Regency and were removed without arrests."  The BigGovernment article, by Joel B. Pollack, includes pictures and a timeline of what happened.

Brandon Darby is a human rights activist who works to expose groups and individuals who intend harm to the United states. He blogs for Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com and also for TexasGOPVote.com.


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