Oh, the Irony

I guess Julian Assange isn’t completely bad. After all, it was reported by the UK Guardian that according to WikiLeaks Michael Moore’s “documentary”, Sicko, was banned in Cuba because it misrepresents the health care system in that country. Really? You mean to tell me that Michael Moore misconstrued loose facts and used one of his “documentaries” to present his extremely biased opinions and mislead Americans who wouldn’t bother to check any of the so–called facts? I definitely can believe it because I was barely 16 when Sicko was released, and fell for the lie. I was in high school, so please cut my naivete some slack.

The film does a great job at making it seem as if we Americans are just so insanely cruel and not at all like the utopia that is Cuba. That’s what makes the WikiLeaks report about the Cuban government banning Sicko so beautiful. Michael Moore is once again so caught up in himself that his hypocrisy is showing. If the socialist health care in Cuba was as great as Michael Moore makes it out to be, then why would the government ban the film because of how wrong it was? Governments, especially failed leftist governments, always control the media and want to paint their country in a positive light. Having awesomely free health care, as Michael Moore believes it to be, would be a great way to attract tons of people to a country with a failed economy.

Maybe Michael Moore should move there. He’d love it. After all, he portrays America as a terrible place where capitalists run amok, stealing from the elderly, throwing sick people out on the streets, the usual – and all just to make a quick buck. But isn’t that what the hypocritical Michael Moore does? He abuses the misfortunes of others so that he can bank off of our capitalistic system, and I wonder how much of that money goes to charities which would actually improve these peoples’ lives? Michael Moore is an evil rich capitalist *liberal rabble* and should just pay 100 percent of his earnings to the government . . . then maybe we could be as awesome as Cuba!

I am very glad to see that even Julian Assange, whom Moore helped bail out, would reveal something like this. Even a man who has been arrested on rape charges acknowledges that Michael Moore is a liar and probably not the best guy. That’s rough, but so beautifully ironic. While I still believe that Julian Assange is doing way more harm than good, I think I’ll take this little present. Michael Moore is entitled to his own opinions, but he is not entitled to his own facts.

UPDATE: Michael Moore, in typical whiny liberal fashion, took to the Huffington Post and his own site to defend himself claiming that Cuba actually really liked his film and that there is some conspiracy to destroy his reputation. Yeah, as if his ridiculous public statements and even more ridiculous films didn’t already do that. But the story here is actually more so that after having spent $20,000 to bail out Assange, why did Assange return the favor by releasing a false leak about his new buddy Michael Moore? Maybe even Julian Assange doesn’t find Michael Moore or his films to be credible and sees him as crazy like the rest of the sane world.

Now this isn’t all that important, but its just another case of liberal hypocrisy being shown. Kind–hearted heroes such as Michael Moore seem to spend more of their money on types like Julian Assange and making films about how evil successful people are then actually helping anyone or improving anybody's life.


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when you think that diplomats write only facts in cables:



One must properly interpret the information and recognise the source of the misinformation.  Assange released a cable of the information created by the government claiming that "Sicko" was banned in Cuba.  This is the false information which was generated by government, which is presented by wiki-leaks.  It does not show that Micheal Moore mistated anything.  Stop looking for enemies to misdirect people from what is going on.

Mr. Trevino,
Which facts in Sicko were not true? 

Fernando.....get your facts straight....Sicko was NOT banned in Cuba!


socialized medicine is not as desirable as it seems...for instance, the UK had to turn away women with breast cancer because there wasn't enough money to pay for all of their treatments... I guess its alright if you've got a cold or something common, but if you are truly sick socialized healthcare is not all its cracked up to be which is why thousands of foreigners come to US hospitals such as MD Anderson for treatment of serious ailments such as cancer... I know this first hand because my mom has breast cancer and we always run into people from foreign countries with this amazing healthcare that Michael Moore praises 


so if it is a fact that the US has terrible healthcare and these other nations are perfect, then why do those who can afford to come from these countries decide to seek treatment here? 

I addressed that, but isn't it odd that Assange would release this sort of lie?  it brings into question his credibility while questioning whatever credibility Michael Moore has... it may not be true that the film was banned, but I definitely believe that the US is better in every respect than Cuba...and the thousands who risk their lives to make it to Florida from Cuba would surely agree with me


the point of this wasn't to address the supposed ban... it was more to point out how hypocritical and wrong Michael Moore is and to show what a scum Assange is, just look at how he treats the guy who posted his bail


If Cuba's healthcare is so infinitely better than America's then why doesn't Moore take one of those boats back there and live there...or better yet, pay for everyone who is sick to go receive awesome coverage in Cuba...afterall, he's got the money to do it and to paraphrase VP Biden its his "patriotic duty" since he's profited from capitalism so much 


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