One Nation Rally: View Socialism Posters

Progressive and Civil Rights groups, including the NAACP, La Raza, and Code Pink, marched in a "One Nation Working Together Rally" Saturday in support of more jobs, education, justice and keeping the Democratic message alive. 

Fox News reports: 

In a fiery speech that opened the "One Nation Working Together" rally on the National Mall, Ed Schultz blamed Republicans for shipping jobs overseas and curtailing freedoms. He borrowed some of conservative Fox News host Glenn Becks rhetoric and vowed to "take back our country."
"This is a defining moment in America. Are you American?" Schultz told the raucous crowd of thousands. "This is no time to back down. This is time to fight for America.

The One Nation Rally did not get the same masses as Glen Becks Restoring Honor Rally, although a much bigger mess was left behind. Ralliers littered our nations capital with with leftover signs!

Americans For Prosperity put together a video showing all the socialist signs from the One Nation Rally. 


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