Our Lady Of Guadalupe - Protector Of The Unborn - December 12

“Am I not here, I who have the honor to be your mother? Are you not in my shadow and under my protection? Am I not the source of your joy? Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Do you need anything more?” Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego - 1531

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Today, Catholics throughout the Americas celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. On October 12, 1945 Pope Pious XII proclaimed Our Lady of Guadalupe the Empress of the Americas. Our Lady appeared to Juan Diego, an Indian who had already converted to the teachings of the Catholic Church, on a hill in Tepeyac in December 1531. The Virgin told Diego that she wanted a church built on the hill and to please go and give the message to the Bishop. The Bishop ignored the request and wanted a sign from Diego and Our Lady. Diego returned to the hill and relayed this message to Our Lady. The Virgin then asked Diego to gather some flowers and to take them to the Bishop and that this time he would believe him. Diego gathered the flowers and carefully placed them in his tilma, a cloak weaved from cactus fiber. After waiting for some time to see the Bishop, he was finally called to speak with him. Diego opened his tilma to give the Bishop the roses he had gathered in the middle of winter. At this moment, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on the tilma. This miracle alone converted 9 million Aztec Indians from the pagan ritual of human sacrifice to Catholicism. This conversion took place within nine years of Our Lady’s apparition. This is a simplistic account of the legend of Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have listed some links so that you may acquaint yourself with Our Lady of Guadalupe and the purpose of her appearance. It is a magnificent story.

In the image Our Lady’s features are of a mestiza, a woman with Mexican and European Spanish ancestry. The most significant aspect of her image is the fact that she appears pregnant. Thus, she is also known as the protector of the unborn. She is bearing the child Jesus and is wearing the sash of pregnancy.

In today’s world, Christians are being trampled by those who would like to see Christianity disappear altogether. I might say that because of our past tolerance we have allowed this to happen. My heart breaks when those who stand up for our faith are mocked. Last week, Fox News and the rest of the cable news networks spent a full day mocking Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos quarterback, for kneeling and giving praise to our Lord for his gift of playing. The following day, Governor Rick Perry was mocked continuously because of his campaign ad on Faith. It seems that if you are a Christian and show an outward sign, or speak your mind on your faith, you are criticized and ostracized.

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The Veterans Administration has banned the words ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ during funeral services at the Houston Veterans Cemetery. The Obama Administration’s wicked woman from the East, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, does not miss an opportunity to try and make everything an issue about abortion. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops request for a $2.5 million grant to help victims of sex trafficking has been refused because the Catholic Church does not believe in offering abortion services to the victims.

Chaplains are being forced to ‘marry’ same-sex partners in states where allowed.  As you know same-sex marriage and abortion are forbidden in the Catholic Church. If we can not as a nation, understand the most basic elements of humanity, then how will we survive to propagate the land? Homosexuality and abortion will eventually bring mankind to extinction. 

The most recent attack on Christianity is the one coming from the Freedom of Religion Foundation asking to remove a Nativity scene in downtown Athens, Texas. I vaguely remember when Bill and I first moved to Comal County about 10 years ago that GVTC had a Nativity scene outside, and then it was gone. There are so many attacks coming from every direction that it seems all we can do is shield ourselves. What is happening to Christians and Jews will continue until we stand up and say ENOUGH! We must support those who stand by their faith and the organizations who fight for our religious freedoms. This persecution is not going to stop until Obama is out of office and all his henchmen are eradicated.

In this Holy season, do not miss the opportunity to say Merry Christmas even when greeted with Happy Holidays. And please send Christmas cards with Christmas stamps not Holiday cards and Holiday stamps. Spread the word of Christmas, the reason for the season.

Excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Life, Abortion, and Euthanasia

(#2258-2262; 2268-2279)

Article 5

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mother of the Civilization of Love
By Carl Anderson and Msgr Eduardo Chavez


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