Our messaging on Illegal Immigration is what gave California and Nevada to the Democrats

California and Nevada were ours for the taking. We began to lose momentum and it was excruciating watching so much time, money and resources slowly fade away.

Of course the GOP destroyed the Democrats, but for the sake of the party and our 2012 prospects we must be introspective. Watching John Kerry gloat about Harry Reid being more than Lazarus and being unbreakable is sickening.Watching Jerry Brown smile as he is voted in as the new governor of California irritates me to no end because these are races that we should have won.

I will even lump in Fiorina who had the narrative and the national wave to beat Boxer. These races, at one point, were either dead even or we were in the lead. I strongly believe that the immigration message is what did in the candidates in these key races.

Whitman botched the housekeeper story, and Angle's campaign massacred the illegal immigration issue in the last few days. If we watch Ron Johnson's dismantling of Feingold, he gave the perfect example of how to run this cycle in a mostly liberal state.

Marco Rubio, Allen West and even Rand Paul who ran as proud conservatives were able to message their stance in a way that showed potential problem solving ability to their audience.

In order to take over the Senate in 2012 and win the Presidential election, as grassroots Republicans we must first have a serious conversation about illegal immigration and how the messaging and a lack of serious solution is hurting us.


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Liked your post, Artemio, and agree that we need a serious conversation about securing our borders, enforcing our laws and putting an end to the second-class status that millions of illegal immigrants endure here in the USA. I disagree with your conclusions on why we lost CA & NV. GOP lost CA because it picked weak candidates - both Fiorina & Whitman were intelligent, successful business executives but not good campaigners - they were not warm & personable & inspiring. Ditto with Angle in Nevada - she was hard to listen to. The complication there was that the state GOP didn't even support her, out of their petty disputes with the Tea Party.Bigger lesson to learn: GOP needs to embrace, not reject the Conservatives & Tea Party voters, and plan now for a robust primary season that will identify & bring forth the best candidates, who are clear on their principles and inspiring to hear. Do that and we will win big in 2012! 

Hey Government, not taking care of the ILLEGAL IMMAGRATION issue is like having termites just around the foundation of your multi-million dollar log home and thinking someone else needs to take care of the problem. One day you will wake up to realize you have nothing left.

Illegal is illegal, just look at the illegal immigration laws for Mexico. I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Our youth and less educated US citizens can't find work because most of those jobs are filled by illegals. We must make it unprofitable to employ those that are here illegally, shut down those bussinesses that continue to break those laws.

Libreal organizations such as LULAC, Laraza we will not hear any more cases in the judicial system in regards to illegal immigrents. You come to this Great Country Legally then we will listen to you.

This needs to be a black and white issue, no room for grey.

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