Pastor Stephen Broden Speaks to the Hispanic Community, Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30) "Not Interested"

On Wednesday August 25th, both Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30) and her Republican opponent Pastor Stephen Broden were invited to speak to the Hispanic Community on the issues that affect District 30 and debate on the Contacto Inmigrante Show. While Democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson declined the offer, candidate Pastor Stephen Broden accepted the invitation and received a great response from the Hispanic Community. The host of the show, Mr. Jose Luis Flores, stated that he called US Representative Johnson’s office several times over several weeks with no response until the last day when he was told “the Congresswoman was not interested” in coming to the show to speak about the issues with the Hispanic Community. On the contrary, Pastor Stephen Broden responded immediately to the opportunity. 

The program was in Spanish; therefore I came with Pastor Broden to be his interpreter. During the show the host asked several questions to Pastor Broden and also several phone calls from the viewers were answered in the studio. Mr. Flores began by telling the community that President Obama does not keep promises and that Hispanics do take that in account because Hispanics “do keep their promises”. He said that legislators have to be held accountable for what they say during their campaigns, and he was aware of problems in District 30. He explained to the audience that his intention was to bring both points of view to the Spanish speaking community for those living in District 30 who are not familiar with their congresswoman and the candidate running against her. He was disappointed Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson “was not interested”.

The viewers were able to get to know Pastor Broden, his background, the reasons he is running for congress, and his answers to the variety of questions regarding the issues. Questions given to Pastor Broden during the one hour show were regarding: His position on the life of the unborn and traditional marriage. A Hispanic caller said, with disappointment, that Eddie Bernice Johnson has supported abortion in all votes involving the life of the unborn and that she supports abortion at every stage of the pregnancy of a woman. Pastor Broden said he differed from the congresswoman on that issue as he believes life begins at conception. He also answered that the institution of marriage in all societies is between a man and a woman so they may be able to procreate. He spoke about the issue of education and the high rate of drop out from high school students from the African American and the Hispanic community in District 30 and that we must provide the best incentives that can provide our children with the best possible education to take advantage of those jobs that will be created by business moving into the district. He also answered questions regarding the economy, the heavy regulation from the federal government in small businesses, the need for the free market to provide health care, the removal of the federal government intrusion on small business, the need to create new jobs, why people have being doing business outside of the country, immigration, the 14th amendment, Arizona SB 1070, the importance of the rule of law, the document of the Constitution, the unfairness in judging all Republicans because of a few who speak with hateful rhetoric against Hispanics, the fact that government is intruding our lives, etc.

On the issue of immigration, Pastor Broden stressed the need to secure our borders first, that it is our responsibility as a nation to secure our borders, and the need to fix the broken immigration system. He acknowledges that the current system is broken and we need to think through how we can deal with this very complicated issue. The solution will not be easy, but both Democrats and Republicans need to sit and talk to find a solution. He said that his intent is to show the kind of courage that is needed to resolve this very serious problem, and that there is a need for us as a nation to honor and respect our laws. Pastor Broden was also asked about his thoughts about the Dream Act, he responded that at this time he will study the Dream Act to see what will be a fair and equitable solution to a very complicated issue.

Pastor Broden also said that he makes a distinction between immigration and illegal immigration, explaining that illegal immigration is a larger definition than just Hispanics, we have other groups, including terrorists coming in, etc. and many of them want to hurt our nation and we have to stop that. He said that the Republican Party is about limited government and that the essence of Liberty is the proper limitation of the government. Pastor Broden explained Eddie Bernice Johnson has given 18 years of service to TX-30 as Congresswoman, which gives us a lot of time to get a clear record of what she has been able to accomplish. District 30 is behind on economical development, is in need of jobs, and the education is suffering. The Hispanic community called and responded positively letting Candidate Stephen Broden know that they were grateful to hear a Republican who cares for their values and for his District.

Stephen Broden ended with the following message:

“To the Hispanic Community, It is important for you to begin to investigate what has happened in the last 18 years in the 30th District of Dallas. There has been a loss of jobs. There has been a reduction of business development. Crime is on the rise in our community. There is a breakdown between our leadership and the needs of our community. It is time for a change. That change can happen when we vote our values. I represent your values. I am a conservative republican. I believe in the sanctity of life. I believe in the traditional family. I believe in freedom and liberty. Its time for a change, I need your vote.”

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