Pelosi Comes to Texas, Democrats Head for the Hills

The following came in from the Republican Party of Texas:

Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was in Texas for political fundraisers in Dallas and Houston. Upon the announcement that Pelosi was coming to the Lone Star State, Democrats Chet Edwards and Ciro Rodriguez promptly announced that they had other plans and would not meet with their Speaker. Their actions echo those of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White, who fled when President Obama visited Texas a few weeks ago, even though he supports the Obama agenda.

The political calculus the Texas Democrats have made is understandable; Pelosi is among the most polarizing and unpopular political figures in the nation, and she has led Congress into passing a bloated, ineffective and irresponsible stimulus bill and then followed that up with passage of an unpopular, hideously expensive health care takeover bill. Under the Obama-Pelosi Democrats' leadership, unemployment has continued to rise across the nation, and taxes will go up at the beginning of 2011, which will hurt the already struggling economy.

But while Edwards and Rodriguez won't appear with Pelosi, they have voted in lock step with her and if sent back to Congress, would continue to do so. Both are out of step with their districts and are beholden to an agenda that Texans have repeatedly rejected for decades.

“Nancy Pelosi is the living portrait of the arrogant, out of touch elitist Democrat,” said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston. “In the face of genuine grassroots opposition to her leftwing agenda, the paranoid Pelosi invents bizarre conspiracy theories. And in the face of growing unemployment across America, she dines with high rolling trial lawyers to generate cash for her wealthy limousine liberal friends to perpetuate the Democrats’ destructive, job killing policies. Democrats like Chet Edwards and Ciro Rodriguez ran the other way when word broke that Pelosi was coming to Texas, but no one is fooled: Edwards and Rodriguez vote with her and they support her failed far left agenda. It’s long past time to fire Nancy Pelosi and all of her Texas henchmen.”

The Dallas fundraiser will be hosted by the Baron family. The late Fred Baron, a Dallas trial lawyer, made headlines in 2008 for admitting that he paid to help conceal former Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidate John Edwards' illicit relationship with his then campaign videographer. The Baron fortune continues to fund both the Texas Democratic Party and its designated Washington, DC hatchet man, liberal operative Matt Angle.


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I couldn't agree with you more. If I were a Democrat, Nancy Pelosi would be the last person I would want to support my campaign.

Right now Bin Laden is laughing, saying; look at what I've done.

I have my enemy doing my work for me, promoting racism.

She is one of several, that doesn't know; that they are just another pawn in Bin Laden's Plan, to

tear this country apart.

How many people does it take to say, We do not mind the mosque being else where, just not this close

to ground zero.

Does it take 1 million, 2 millions, all of America?

Look at the media, see which one support her idea calling the GOP racist.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know which media sources are promoting the Democratic agenda.

We Republicans know her agenda is to push the biggest Amnesty Program for illegal aliens, ever.

We know her agenda is to continue Bailouts to Unions and such, to finance her cause.

The phrase, "Don't Mess with Texas", comes to mind.

She is looking for support to kill H.R. 5796: Putting an End to Sanctuary Cities Act, by helping

Chet Edwards and Ciro Rodriguez.

Let's tell her, No more bailouts, no more Amnesty, no more wasteful spending.

If you are in district 23 you want Quico Canseco.

If your in district 17 you want Bill Flores

H.R. 5796: Putting an End to Sanctuary Cities Act


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