Bill King

The City of Houston has many challenges, deteriorating infrastructure, public safety is not treated as number one, crime is on the rise, and equipment for the fire and police are not adequate. We had a major flood event over...
It was an interesting election with Bill King and Sylvester Turner emerging in the Mayoral runoff. King was able to consolidate the "run government as a business" voters and Sylvester, the liberal Democrats.
In the Houston Mayoral race in 2015 there are 7 serious candidates, 13 candidates in all, and an estimated $7 million to be spent. A major factor in this race will be the bathroom ordinance, or as it is otherwise called by...
In a city that is almost 2-1 Democratic, Bill King, in the non-partisan Mayoral election came oh so close. Closing the gap after round one, King tightened the numbers to a miniscule 4,129 votes out of the 212,696 cast!
I love it when an organic idea or a Facebook post turns into a blog, don't you? Well, that's what spawned this blog idea in particular. Well, that and a city election that just happened this past Tuesday.

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