Dennis Bonnen

We have listened. We have listened to both our constituents and now, to the audio recording of the meeting between Speaker Bonnen, Chair Burrows, and Michael Quinn Sullivan.
We are very pleased with the gains made. This was another successful session for mothers, unborn children, and vulnerable patients.
Of the five Texas House committees considered to be the most powerful, three will have new chairs this session. State Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond will again head the budget-planning Appropriations Committee, the House...
Frullo fends off Empower Texans border security attacks with some backup from Breitbart Texas’ boss Brandon Darby.
Fireworks erupted on Wednesday in the Texas capitol building between the Lt. Governor and the House Speaker Pro Tempore over tax reform legislation.
Republican Party of Texas - As we keep you up to speed about our RPT priority legislative items, we want to bring your attention to the next stage of action for the Voter ID bill. Two weeks ago, the Texas Senate passed...
In the recent legislative session, state lawmakers approved two new bills that will lower school property taxes and limit the rise of other property taxes in Texas, at least until the next legislative session.
Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Dennis Bonnen
Months ago when the Big Three first unveiled this session’s signature property tax “relief” bill, and remember it was introduced as the “Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2019,” they were flanked at a news conference by...
Under its new Speaker Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House of Representatives is looking to increase the state’s public education funding by $10.1 billion, according to the legislative budget estimates it released t
Representative Rogers: “Mr. Chairman, I request that the dialogue between myself and Representative Smith be placed in the Journal to be used for legislative intent.”The Chair: “Any objection. Hearing none so ordered.”
The following is a message from the Republican Party of Texas:The RPT would like to inform you of an important update on the Photo ID legislation, SB 14, as the full Texas House is scheduled to hold debate on the bill this...

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