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The San Antonio patient is back in quarantine, and local health officials are working to identify who they came into contact with.
Breaking news out of Dallas County, TX as Judge Kim Cooks saved James Younger today by ruling to give Jeff Younger joint equal medical decision making for his son James Younger with Jeff’s ex wife Anne Georgulas in a custody...
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Earlier this month, Associated Builders and Contractors praised Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for signing the Neutrality in State Government Contracting bill (HB 985
We are very pleased with the gains made. This was another successful session for mothers, unborn children, and vulnerable patients.
In a move that surprised veterans of the legislative process in Austin, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this week said he would act unilaterally to extend the life of the state agency that oversees plumbers.
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Months ago when the Big Three first unveiled this session’s signature property tax “relief” bill, and remember it was introduced as the “Property Tax Reform and Relief Act of 2019,” they were flanked at a news conference by...
The Republican-led push to cancel out mandatory paid sick leave rules for private employers in Austin, San Antonio, and any other city that tries something similar began in earnest today as Gov. Greg Abbott told a crowd of...
It’s been 46 years since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v Wade allowing abortion to poison the land of the free. It started in Texas when Norma McCorvey known as ‘Jane Roe’ thought of having an abortion and filed a lawsuit...
Under its new Speaker Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House of Representatives is looking to increase the state’s public education funding by $10.1 billion, according to the legislative budget estimates it released t
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People flying into Texas airports from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will be subject to a mandatory self-quarantine for 14 days, or the duration of their stay in Texas, whichever is shorter. Abbott said he’s issuing a...
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Business leaders across Texas are suffering from workforce shortages. Texas should welcome these legal immigrants. They have been fully vetted by the federal government. With our state’s booming economy and record low...
In the recent legislative session, state lawmakers approved two new bills that will lower school property taxes and limit the rise of other property taxes in Texas, at least until the next legislative session.
The security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border is one that Texas faces firsthand, and it only continues to escalate because Democrats have refused to prioritize the safety and security of Americans. In the past...
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After weeks of speculation about how he would be able to do it unilaterally, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he has signed an executive order to extend the life of the state agency that oversees the plumbing industry. 
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One of the few licensed trades in Texas will no longer be regulated after lawmakers in Austin failed to extend the life of the state agency that oversees plumbers.
A Texas Senate committee has signed off on a proposed ban on city ordinances that require private employers to provide paid sick leave to employees.
Greg Abbott State of the State
Texas Governor Greg Abbott delivered his State of the State Address today, where he layed his agenda for the 2019 Texas Legislative Session. Watch his address below:
On Friday, January 25, 2019 Fox News held a Town Hall Meeting on border security at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. A very upscale hotel to say the least. A limited amount of people were sent...
Incumbent Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott leads his Democrat opponent by a whopping 29% according to the state's oldest and most reliable statewide survey project- the Texas Interested Citizens (TIC)...



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