Greg Abbott

Wednesday, US Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), and Representatives Tony Gonzales (R-TX) and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) traveled to the southern border to tour a DHHS facility housing migrant children and to...
Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters he is considering lifting the statewide coronavirus mask mandate. The governor said he is also considering stopping other statewide COVID-19 related orders.
Leaders of Texas’ executive and legislative branches met on Saturday to protect Texans from an expected spike in their energy bills. The meeting took place via a conference call attended by the governor, lieutenant governor...
Back the Blue Pledge
In August, Austin City Council voted to defund their police department by $21 million and “shift” $129 million in police spending to other city departments.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a message saying his state is making progress in the fight against Coronavirus while re-opening continues. He reports the lowest number of COVID-19 fatalities since the end of March; the...
contact tracing
In this week’s chapter of 1984, the government wants to track everywhere you go and everyone you meet in an effort to control COVID-19! What could possibly go wrong?
norman adams KSEV radio
It was a pleasure to join The Amigos on KSEV 700 AM last Friday evening to discuss my lawsuit challenging Governor Abbott’s unconstitutional executive shutdown.
Gov. Greg Abbott announced he will let Texas' stay-at-home order expire Thursday, April 30. Starting Friday, the first businesses allowed to open their doors at 25 percent capacity will be retail stores, restaurants, movie...
houston roads
I certainly felt blessed when Governor Abbott deemed insurance an essential industry in his March 31st executive order. Thankfully, our construction clients were deemed essential as well.
Glen Whitley
Yesterday afternoon, Robby Montoya broke news that the Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley had banned all in person church services. Specifically, Judge Whitley posted up on social media that he was not allowing in-person...
Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the ending of the statewide coronavirus mask mandate during an event in Lubbock, Texas. The mandate went into effect in July and required all Texans to wear a mask covering the mouth and...
empty shelves Houston Home depot plumbing
It is unacceptable that Texas’ power grid could not handle last week’s winter storm. Now, as a result of last week’s power outages and freezing temperatures, Texans are experiencing a plumbing supply crisis!
The Texas legislature began its 87th session on January 12th. In the Texas Senate where 18 votes are required to bring legislation to the floor, Republicans hold an 18-13 majority.
Texas Supreme Court
We have hundreds of plaintiffs that agree: Governor Abbott’s COVID-19 “shutdown” orders are unconstitutional.
mail-in voting
There is an ongoing legal dispute between the Texas Democrat Party and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton developing in the state and federal courts over whether to allow all Texas voters to vote by mail in the upcoming...
On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.  As a native Texan and with the ‘stay at home’ executive order expiring May 7, I thought I would share my thoughts and activities...
The lockdowns imposed on us by our state, county, and city officials are unconstitutional.  They have caused more harm to our state than the actual virus they were supposed to protect us from. It’s time to reopen.Some people...
Norman Adams Houston News
I am one of hundreds and soon to be thousands of plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Governor Greg Abbott.
The following article was authored by Stan Marek, CEO of MAREK.Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently issued an order identifying industries considered essential during this pandemic. I was pleased that he included...
greg abbott
Texas Governor Greg Abbott today has just today, 3/31/2020, issued an Executive Order GA 14.



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