Greg Abbott

The first collapse of the so-called "bathroom bill" in May laid bare an escalating feud in Texas between ascendant social conservatives and moderate Republicans, and the mutual distrust only seemed to deepen over summer....
"A lot of people felt that the bill itself, on its face, is not necessary," he said. "It's a solution looking for a problem."
"No industry will remain untouched by the unnecessary harm that discriminatory laws will do to our competitiveness, to our ability to attract talent, and to our employees and their families," the CEOs wrote.
With pro-life Republican Governor Abbott at the helm, and pro-life Republicans Joe Straus and Dan Patrick leading in the House and Senate, Texas continues to set the standard for protecting the unborn.
Throughout his ascendancy at the Texas Capitol, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has proven time and again the ability to adapt to the political environment. Unlike many in the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party from which he...
“This legislation threatens our ability to attract and retain the best talent in Texas, as well as the greatest sporting and cultural attractions in the world,” the CEOs wrote.
To thunderous applause by school board members from around the state gathered in the Alamo City, the presiding officer of the Texas House of Representatives last week said that despite a laundry list of red meat special...
What can be learned from action and lack thereof on certain items during this year's legislative session? Do Texas legislators' priorities represent those of their constituencies?
Thank you to Governor Greg Abbott, statewide officials and members of our Republican Congressional delegation and our Texas Legislature who have contacted me, not only with their congratulations, but, more importantly their...
The bill overrides local ordinances like Austin's that regulate ride-hailing services and only needs Governor Greg Abbott's signature to become law.
The House and Senate have been struggling to reach a deal on a proposed law aimed at blocking cities from going too far in stopping homeowners from cutting down trees on their own property. Abbott has made tree cutting...
Welcome to the Second Edition of this Special Session's Capitol Report.
With time running short in a special session of the Texas Legislature, a couple of bills aimed at expediting construction permits in cities seem to be languishing along with other controversial proposals.
Business and non-profit leaders from Houston and San Antonio signed letters this week opposing legislation restricting bathrooms access to transgender individuals and preempting any similar municipal ordinances.
The historic Sunset Station in San Antonio was the setting for Governor Greg Abbott’s reelection announcement on Friday, July 14.
A political tug-of-war is about to break out at the Texas Capitol as Gov. Greg Abbott’s special session kicks off Tuesday.
Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Thursday that signals to Google, Uber and carmakers that they are welcome to test self-driving cars on the state's roads and highways without a driver behind the wheel. 
​Gov. Greg Abbott blames infighting between the House and Senate as the reason he is forced to bring lawmakers back to Austin for a special session in July to consider a laundry list of items, from the so-called bathroom...
I'm a mom. A Christian. A conservative. I know Governor Abbott is on the verge of making a decision about whether to call a special session of the legislature and whether to include a "bathroom bill" in such a session.
Opponents of the ban on straight-ticket voting said they’re worried Ron Simmon’s bill will lead to lower voter turnout.



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