Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs was on The O'Reilly Factor last night to discuss illegal immigration and the Senate's proposed national identification card. The major points include:
Someone asked me if I realized Lou Dobbs had changed his tune on Immigration. I told them yes, because I had seen him on the O'Reilly Factor. Lou Dobbs has changed his tune and I am delighted!
Politico reports that Lou Dobbs is brooding over a run for President in 2012.
A couple of weeks ago, CNN played a four-hour special called "Latino in America." By 2050, the U.S. Latino population is expected to nearly triple. CNN's Soledad O'Brien explores how Latinos are reshaping our communities and...
The issue of illegal immigration was front and center for a few moments during Friday night's debate for the GOP nomination for governor.
I never thought I would say this, but I think Lou Dobbs is making a lot of sense! If you are familiar with my take on immigration, you will know that I have never thought much of Lou Dobbss restrictionist views.
On Thursday and Friday, discussing Lou Dobbs’ departure from CNN, quite predictably, the standard Republican immigration debate broke out on this site, complete with suspicions about conservative credentials and cautions...

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