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This legislation is a prime example of Speaker Pelosi's governing motto, 'never let a good crisis go to waste.'  It exploits the Coronavirus crisis to force government-controlled health care on the American people and...
Today on The Hugh Hewitt Show, I discussed Speaker Pelosi’s partisan agenda during the coronavirus pandemic and possible “Phase Four” legislation to address this public health crisis.On Impeachment...
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Speaker Pelosi may have ripped up the President’s State of the Union, but the ‘Blue Collar Boom’ in today’s jobs report shows our pro-growth policies are leaving her socialist agenda in tatters.
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This week, Nancy Pelosi forced two votes that undermine President Trump’s ability to defend our country and our allies against terrorists and rogue regimes.  The first bill repeals the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military...
Nancy Pelosi impeachment
With Speaker Pelosi facing increased backlash from members of her own party, including rank-and-file Democrats, you can't help but wonder who is winning this game that she's playing?
Immigration legislation requires both parties to pass anything! It also requires a signature from President Trump. Recent bipartisan efforts to pass the Farm Workforce Modernization Act in the House have been successful....
This week, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff continued their unfair impeachment sham. This unfortunate activity is crippling the House’s ability to address the critical issues that hardworking Texas families care about most.
U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump is a “desperate act” during an interview with KFYO’s Chad Hasty.
Speaker Pelosi’s latest impeachment action is yet another step in the House Democrats’ obsession with taking down a lawfully elected president. They have been using every opportunity to find any justification possible to...
The Senate’s top Republican and the House’s top Democrat each said Thursday that they’re open to a broad immigration debate this year, sending the issue soaring back to the top of the congressional agenda.
By disregarding input from other Members on an emergency response bill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is disregarding thousands of Americans who have been voicing their needs to their Representatives.
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President Trump declared a national emergency Friday as the number of daily new coronavirus cases in the US continues to rise. The declaration will help ease the distribution of up to $50 billion in federal emergency funds...
After three years of investigations, political theater and wasted taxpayer dollars, President Donald J. Trump was ACQUITTED by the United States Senate Wednesday afternoon.
Today on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, I discussed the start of the Senate’s impeachment trial proceedings. Excerpts of his interview are below, and video can be found here. 
I issued the following statements regarding the start of the second session of the 116th Congress; H.Res. 575, Supporting Security Recommendations for the Development of Next-Generation 5G Technologies; President Trump’s...
House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday she has directed a House committee to draft articles of impeachment against U.S. President Donald Trump, a historic step that sets up a fight over whether to...
With less than one year until the Presidential election, House Democrats are doing all they can to take power away from the American people – because they’ve admitted that if they don’t impeach President Trump, he will get...
Nancy Pelosi
Democrats have a simple message for the American people: You don't matter. Our hatred for the President crushes your desire for Congress to work together to solve real problems.
illegal immigrants
The situation at the border is getting worse! Workforce shortages are increasing, and millions of undocumented workers are being misclassified! America needs immigration reform NOW.No reasonable person could doubt that there...
Julian Castro
Catholicism has become a tool used by Democrats who claim to be ‘Catholics’ to gain favor and eventually votes to attain their political goal. Some even use it as a weapon to bring in the ‘flock’ of voters.



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