Tim Kaine

Breitbart has reported that Clinton’s V.P. pick Tim Kaine is among the top anti-Israel senators.  He is the top recipient of PAC funds from George Soros’s anti-Israel group, J Street.  
The senator from Virginia came across as over-rehearsed, often interrupting his Republican opponent, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, with points Kaine had already made several times earlier in the debate. At times, Kaine simply...
Right now in the polls it is Newt Gingrich versus Mitt Romney, but let us speculate on who would make a good Vice President. Of course it depends on who wins.
This diabolical duo will work ‘Stronger - Together’ to squash our Religious Liberty.  Our Religious Liberty will go by the ways
Hillary Clinton has chosen Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (Va.) as her vice-presidential running mate, completing a Democratic ticket that prizes experience and traditional notions of public service in a political year dominated by...

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