Pete Sessions Applauds House GOP Budget Proposal, “The Path to Prosperity” Washington, DC

Tuesday, I released the following statement regarding the unveiling of the fiscal year 2013 House budget resolution by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:

I applaud Chairman Ryan’s bold budget proposal that directly tackles our nation’s fiscal crisis and paves the way towards a brighter future for the American people. ‘The Path to Prosperity’ budget focuses on reducing government spending, reforming our tax code, strengthening health and retirement security for our seniors, and regaining control over our unprecedented debt and budget deficits.

Like every budget proposal seen under this Administration, the President’s unsustainable budget blueprint proposes $1.5 trillion in more government spending and $2 trillion in tax increases at a time when our nation can least afford it. It is clear that these tax and spend policies have impeded job creation and left our economy stagnant. That is why House Republicans are once again standing up for American families and small businesses by proposing a vision to get our nation back on a path towards prosperity, instead of bankruptcy.

Since the start of the 112th Congress, House Republicans have led the fight in reducing the size of government to restore fiscal sanity and give our nation’s job creators the certainty they need to grow, invest and hire more workers. It is imperative that we take responsible action today, and I stand ready to work with my colleagues on enacting this budget proposal to ensure that America’s best days lie in our future.


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