Pete Sessions Applauds Passage of Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act

As American families continue struggling to make ends meet in the Obama economy, House Republicans are committed to protecting all workers from tax increases and putting an end to reckless government spending. I am encouraged by the House’s action Tuesday to tackle some of the serious challenges facing our nation’s economy.

House Republicans remain dedicated to taking every step possible to spur job creation and empower small businesses to thrive in the free enterprise system. That is why this legislation includes provisions to jump-start the Keystone XL energy pipeline and block the EPA’s harmful boiler MACT regulation – two measures that will directly support job creation in the private sector. Job-seeking Americans deserve action on the 28 pro-growth bills that have passed the House this year. I urge the Democrat-controlled Senate to join us in making job creation a top priority so we can get the American people back to work.

Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act:

  • Extends the current payroll tax relief for hardworking Americans while protecting the Social Security trust fund 
  • Reforms and extends the federal Unemployment Insurance program · Includes a two-year paid for “doc fix” to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries have access to doctors 
  • Accelerates a decision on the Keystone XL energy pipeline to create jobs and support American energy dependence 
  • Stops the harmful EPA Boiler MACT regulation to protect American jobs and help lower energy prices

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