Pete Sessions Calls on President Obama to Lift Drilling Moratoriums and Focus on Securing Domestic Energy Sources

Today I released the following statement regarding the immediate need for the United States to focus on domestic energy production in light of the recent events in the Middle East:

The current turmoil in Egypt and its impact on our nation’s energy supply underscores the importance of developing comprehensive American-made energy solutions that will enable us to achieve energy independence. Increased energy production both offshore and on federal lands would help our nation withstand market volatility around the world, supply reliable energy sources to fuel our economy, and provide more certainty in energy costs for American families and businesses.

The Obama Administration’s approach to energy policy fails to address our nation’s urgent energy needs and has placed the U.S. in a diminished position worldwide. From job-destroying drilling moratoriums to the national energy tax, President Obama’s energy priorities advance more government control at the expense of critical energy resource development. I call on President Obama to reverse his failed policies and join Republicans in advancing our long-supported ideas for a comprehensive energy plan that will increase production of traditional and renewable energy – including nuclear, reduce demand through conservation and efficiency, and free our nation from dependence on foreign oil. As the most oil-dependent nation in the world, we must focus on ensuring stability for our economy and reducing our vulnerability to volatile oil prices. The American people deserve better and the future of our nation depends on it.


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