Pete Sessions Responds to State of the Union Address

President Obama has once again promised the American people that he is committed to reducing the unemployment rate and getting our nation’s economy back on track. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of President Obama’s rhetoric versus his record has left the American people wondering if he will stand up, abandon his unprecedented spending sprees, and join House Republican efforts to end job-destroying policies.

The past two years have been characterized by broken promises to the American people resulting in a wildly unpopular tax, borrow, and spend agenda. President Obama promised to go line by line through the federal budget to cut spending and reduce our unsustainable debt. Instead, he has backed an 84 percent increase in federal spending and overseen the fastest national debt increase of any president in our history. He promised to not raise taxes on hard working families and small businesses, yet he forced a government-takeover of our health care system that resulted in $500 million in new taxes. It is past time for President Obama to recognize that a change in rhetoric must also result in a change in policy to follow the will of the American people.

The new Republican Majority is already delivering on our commitment to the American people by offering common-sense solutions to the challenges of our time. My colleagues and I have voted to cut spending by over a trillion dollars and implemented policies to improve the way Washington does business. The American people spoke loud and clear in November, and House Republicans stand ready to work with President Obama to reduce unemployment and achieve fiscal responsibility.


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