Pete Sessions on Second Federal Judge Ruling that Key Health Care Law Provision Is Unconstitutional

Judge Vinson’s [of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida] ruling today confirms that the federal government should never have been in the business of requiring Americans to purchase government-approved health care. Not only is ObamaCare’s high cost destroying jobs, but two federal judges have now ruled that the individual mandate overreaches Congress’ constitutional authority. Additionally, Judge Vinson struck down the entire health care law due to the lack of a severability clause, meaning that if one piece of the law is found to be unconstitutional, the entire law is considered unconstitutional.

The individual mandate is just one of many aspects of the government-takeover of health care that has infringed on the lives of the American people. That is why the new Republican Majority in the House has already taken action to repeal and replace the health care law with common-sense reforms to give all Americans access to quality care without violating their individual liberties. It is past time for the Obama Administration to move forward with an agenda that the American people support.

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My concern is that Republican leaders are not paying attention to the fact that some 'carrots' tontained in this 'law' that were scheduled to be implemented early to gain public approval, have already been implemented while other 'carrots' will soon be implemented.  Once the public gets these 'carrots', reversal will not happen.   

Working to defund this 'law' is appropriate but we also need to be paying attention to what is happening NOW. 

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