Pete Sessions Statement on May Unemployment Report

Today’s unemployment report underscores the significant work that remains to get the American people back to work. For over two years our nation’s unemployment rate has hovered around 9 percent while the Obama Administration’s unsustainable spending agenda which has left our nation with historic debt, deficits and unemployment.

Just last week, House Republicans presented our Plan for America’s Job Creators – an agenda of common sense reforms that coincide with our ongoing commitment to job creation, economic growth and American prosperity for generations to come. Our plan is centered on fiscally responsible policies that would empower families, small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed.

In North Texas and across the nation, hardworking Americans are looking to our nation’s leaders for real solutions that address our spending-driven debt crisis and create jobs. House Republicans will continue to promote policies that reduce government regulations, reform our burdensome tax code and increase American competitiveness so that our nation’s citizens are empowered to pursue their American dream.


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